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March 31, 2020


A Guide To The Process of Buying Tampa Bay Area Real Estate Using a Tampa Real Estate Agent

How To Use a Tampa Bay Real Estate Agent To Buy a Home in Tampa bayHow do I buy a home?

In this post, I'd like to give you real world information about how to buy a home in the Tampa Bay area using a real estate agent and how the process goes.

Tampa, Florida real estate moves FAST! 

If you love a home you find and aren’t financially prepared to buy, it will likely be gone the next time you return to make an offer.  It is important you get preapproved for a mortgage before you go out physically looking for a home.  Sellers in the area usually require a preapproval letter from a mortgage lender or they will not even consider your offer should you find a home you want to buy.  

Here’s the order in which you should your Tampa area home buying process typically follows:

Step 1:  Find a good licensed real estate agent.

I am a licensed Broker Associate and real estate agent.  I know that agents are a dime a dozen but GOOD agents are hard to find. 

Florida Real Estate Agent License Check Site - Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation

Choose Just ONE Real Estate Agent.

Buying or selling a home is likely a major event in your life.  It’s important to choose just one agent who you can trust and who has the experience to get you from Point A to closing.  He or she should work with integrity and transparency.  

Loyalty is a "big thing" in our business and, at times, an ethical and potentially legal requirement.  When an agent takes on a client, the agent must be loyal to that client unless otherwise disclosed.  This means as an agent, I will fight for your interest and guide you along from start to finish with transparency and expert advice.  As an agent licensed by the State of Florida, I can help you buy or sell ANY HOME, ANYWHERE in the State of Florida. 

If chosen to be YOUR agent, I will take you on all showings no matter where you find the home, dedicate myself to finding you a home and/or selling your current home and helping you through the entire transaction from start to finish.  Please use just one agent to handle everything once you decide on one. 

We have a contract called a Buyer Brokerage Agreement that legally binds me as your agent and with that, I will find your dream home and work for you, protecting your interest.  A sample of the Agreement can be found here.

When you click on links on certain large home finder sites online, you'll get hammered with a million agents calling and texting you.  Please be weary of that.  It makes for a very uncomfortable conversation when one agent believes he's "your agent" but you are already working with another Realtor, going on showings, etc.  Your agent will be loyal to you.  Please return the courtesy.  Once you've chosen an agent, simply tell the others "I am already working with an agent, thank you." so there is no confusion.  It helps to have that signed Buyer Brokerage Agreement on file.

Phil Bernie's Real Estate Agent Pledge To Clients

You can start checking out some great homes right now by playing with our search tool here:

Step 2:  Start your home search above or with our Advanced Search here. This is a refining process.

You chose an agent and you are about to contact a lender for a preapproval for a mortgage.  Contacting a lender and starting your online search happens almost simultaneously in most cases.  It makes no sense to waste time looking at homes online if there's no way you can buy one and a lender will let you know if you can buy or not.  It's worth a quick conversation with a lender even if it is early in the process for you so you know what to expect and where to start your home search with regard to your budget.

By now I have probably set you up on a home search with criteria you have provided me.  If you haven't yet done so, please email me a list of things you'd like in your dream home.  My email is phil@TampaHomeSearcher.com.  This process is super helpful and takes very little time to set up yet gives you valuable information about the current Tampa Bay area real estate market.  I will usually start this process before you even get qualified for a mortgage because it will take a little time for you to refine your search and really decide on what you like. 

As you start looking at homes, you will get a feel for the local market and get a better idea of the features you love and want in a home.  This part is just like going on showings but from the comfort of your own home and through email. 

You can sift through thousands of homes or only a few.  It’s up to you. Our website will send you daily or weekly emails with new homes that meet your criteria.  Our search capabilities are very powerful and our website is extremely user friendly and fun to search homes.  I can help you set up a perfect search if you tell me what you are looking for.

Here are just some of the things I can include or exclude from your search:

  • Location – a hand-drawn polygon around a neighborhood, a zip code, a city, a subdivision, a street, a school zone
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Does it have a pool?  If so, private pool in backyard or community pool?
  • Waterfront home?
  • Boat slip?
  • Square footage of home
  • Year it was built
  • Price range (minimum, maximum or exact price)
  • Single Family Home, Condo, Townhouse or Mobile home
  • New construction or not
  • Number of garage spaces
  • Gated community or not
  • Number of floors

The search capabilities of our system are truly nearly endless.  The point is, I can really dial in a search for you and you can’t do that on most other web sites.  This is data that comes direct from the MLS. 

Initially, it's best to keep your search more broad so you get to see more homes as you decide on features you’d like.  You don't want to miss any potential homes because your initial search criteria is too strict.  We can dial in the search criteria as you learn what you love and what you do not.  If the real estate agent you were considering using is not providing these capabilities to you, you might want to consider a different option.

Refine your criteria and your thoughts as you move through the home search process.  Dreaming too big or are you being realistic and within budget?  The closer you get to purchasing, the more important it is to make these difficult choices.  Rule out that which you cannot afford.  Rule in that which you must have.  Start to hone in on a neighborhood or area you'd like to focus on to find homes with features you love and can afford.

At first you might feel overwhelmed with the decisions to be made.  There are SO MANY homes to choose from!!  This is why we start the online search early in the process.  It will give you time to understand the market and start narrowing your search.  Don’t worry, you WILL narrow your search as you check out these properties.  It gets easier as you go along and eventually you will know exactly what you want. 

I’ve found some homes, can we go look at them now?

When you find a home you love, text your Realtor (me) the address or the MLS number shown in the listing.  If you've favorited the home through our web site by clicking the little heart icon, I can see those and will get a good idea of what type of homes you like.

The MLS number looks something like this:  T2938676 or T3107498.  

With that number, I can find any home listed in the MLS or on our website and if you've been approved to purchase, we can go out and check out some homes in person. 

If you are not yet approved, I can still take you out to see a few homes but it usually proves to be a waste of my time and yours because you are not yet approved to buy.  Once you are approved, we can go on as many showings as you need to fall in love with the perfect home.  Until then, it is easier and much more efficient to continue to search online.  From my experience, it usually takes 4-8 home showings before a client purchases but a lot of that depends on all this preliminary research I mentioned above.

Going on showings when you are not yet prepared to buy:

Let’s face it, it’s fun to dream of that new home and get decorating ideas while visiting open houses and scheduling showings but unless you have prepared financially, you are really just wasting time – your time, your Realtor’s time, the homeowner’s time – everyone’s time – with a few exceptions.  I don't say that to sound harsh.  I say that as an expert whose job is to manage client expectations and guide you along the process in an orderly and productive fashion to achieve the goal of home-ownership.

The owner of the home you schedule a showing to go see is excited to show his home thinking he may have a buyer.  The house gets cleaned, the owner packs up his family and leaves the home for you to go see it undisturbed.  There’s a lot that goes on.  The owner is hoping to get his house sold so he deals with the inconvenience of having potential buyers walk through his home at all different hours and sometimes with short notice.  It’s stressful on the seller.  If you haven’t discussed how to pay for a home with a lender, you really aren’t a potential buyer yet and should probably wait to schedule those showings until after you have that pre-approval letter in hand. 

Get preapproved for a mortgage, not heartbroken.

What do you do if you find the perfect home but haven't talked to a lender and the home gets sold while you wait?  H E A R T  B R E A K !  I've seen it happen.

Once you are prepared to buy and have a pre-approval, searching for that new home becomes so much more fun because now you know you can actually buy a home if you find one you love!  It becomes very real and so much fun!

Step 3:  Find a mortgage lender unless you are buying the home outright with cash.

As a buyer, you need to speak with a mortgage lender and get your financial affairs in order.  DO NOT go out and buy a new car or miss a credit card payment or anything of the sort for at least 6 months BEFORE you even decide to buy.  Try to prepare as far in advance as you can and get your credit in order before anything.  A good lender should be able to tell you how much house you can afford, how much cash you will need to buy and what your payments will be. 

You will need a pre-approval letter that shows the seller you are ready and qualified to buy.  If you are going to pay for the house in all cash, you will likely need to submit a bank statement (in most cases), showing that you have the cash funds in your bank (or IRA or stock account – somewhere – proof you have relatively liquid cash to close) in the amount needed to close on the sale.  This needs to be submitted along with your offer.

Who do I use to get a mortgage and guide me on the finance side?

Anyone.  You can use any lender you'd like to use.  If you would like to use our preferred lender, however, his contact details are below.  The benefit of working with a preferred lender is I have already vetted the lender and he or she is known to be reliable, hard-working and very quick to respond.  A good lender will help your deal go smoothly and close on time.  Our preferred lender, Jeff Pinheiro, is a ROCKSTAR lender.  He is very good at what he does, typically works all weekend and responds after hours.  Jeff can usually get you approved within hours, assuming you qualify.  If you contact Jeff before reaching out to me, please let him know you are working with Phil Bernie and Tampa Home Searcher so he keeps me in the loop.  We work as a team.

Jeff Pinheiro
MiMutual Mortgage
5402 W Laurel St, Suite 211
Tampa, Florida 33607

Cell: (727) 492-3072
Office: 800-628-7596 x 3502
Email: Jpinheiro@mimutual.com
Web: https://www.mimutual.info/westshore/jpinheiro/

What credit score do I need to buy a home?  

We wrote a great post about this so you can prepare financially to purchase a home:  HOW SHOULD I PREPARE TO BUY A HOME?  CREDIT SCORE?

Step 4: Let’s go look at some homes!!!

We jumped ahead of ourselves by talking about escrow and offer contracts before you even found a home but it’s an important part of the process.  You usually do need some actual cash money to buy a home these days. 

What do I do at a showing?

Show up!! (please) on time.  Please do show up on time for the showing you scheduled.  The seller has likely made accommodations to show you their home and left the home empty to allow you to see the home without them there. 

I know for a fact, some people take their pets for a long ride while a scheduled showing occurs, waiting for a text from me when the showing is done so they can return home.  Others make accommodations for pets and other sellers might just take a long walk.  It’s not easy on them so please show up on time so the seller can get back to his normal life as quickly as possible.

Once at the showing, I will let you in to look at the home.  I will usually give you some space to allow you to look freely without me hovering over you but I will be in the home with you to answer questions as they come up.  If I don’t know an answer to a question, I will jot it down and ask the listing (seller’s) agent when we get done with the showing then text or email or call you after the showing with the new information.

Be objective but not too critical – paint and wallpaper can really sway your decision but try not to let it.  Try to see beyond some of the superficial stuff like decor and make sure the home is right for your family with regard to more permanent issues, like structure, size, neighborhood, etc. 

Many clients at this stage can choose a home once they’ve seen between 8 and 12 different homes. 

Some clients need to see more.  Some need to see less.  There is no pressure to hurry up and buy whatsoever.  You need to choose what’s right for you and your family.  Take your time. 

Clients often say things like “the house spoke to me” or “if it’s meant to be” or “I felt a great vibe” from a particular home.  However you choose, choose carefully and try not to let a preconceived notion sway you.  Logic and reason works best here but a good vibe helps too.  :-)

Creating the perfect offer.

A seller in today’s market wants to know the buyer I bring to them is qualified to close on a home if they make an offer. 

A strong offer includes a strong ability to make it to closing successfully.  As the agent of a home seller, I’d want to know the offer you bring my client and I can close and that you are financially prepared to buy my client's home.  As a seller, I have a lot of expense associated with selling my home – marketing, open houses, man hours, inconvenience, etc.  If you want me to take your offer seriously, include your pre-approval letter with the offer.  I will likely not even consider your offer without it.

As a listing agent (representing the seller), I need to protect my client’s interest so when we receive offers for a home from you, my client will likely pick the strongest offer.  Strong offers are those which offer the seller the highest price (in most cases) AND those that have furnished proof they can close – or some combination or variation thereof along with a promise of a solid Earnest Money Deposit (EMD or Good Faith Deposit or Escrow Deposit). 

Sometimes the highest price doesn’t make the best offer.  A strong offer takes many things into consideration.

Once you find a home you love, I'll get to work "running comps" which is real estate lingo for pulling up comparable properties to see if the price they are asking for the one you love is a fair price or not.  I take great pride in my expertise in this arena.  I know my market very well and I know what houses should sell for and advise accordingly when helping you structure an offer and negotiating on your behalf.  This is where experience and negotiation skills come in very handy - it can mean the difference of thousands and thousands of dollars to you.

How much cash will I need to buy a home?

The great thing about a good lender is that they can tell you how much house you CAN actually afford and also tell you how much you CANNOT afford, which becomes the basis of your home search.  Your lender will let you know how much cash you'd need down as well as your monthly payments and will go over all the options that are open to you.  It’s good to know this from the very start of your physical search.  Typically you'll need anywhere from 3.5% down plus another 3 or 4% for closing costs for an FHA loan and from 3-20% down for a conventional loan but let's discuss that after you've had a talk with a lender.  There are potentially very many different options.

You don’t want to over-leverage yourself and get into a huge mortgage that is over your head and putting stress on you and your family.  A good lender will provide you a realistic expectation of how much home you can afford.  Sometimes the numbers will surprise you in a positive way! 

How much of an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) will I need to put down?

In the industry, you'll hear EMD called different names - EMD, Earnest Money Deposit, Good Faith Deposit, Escrow, Escrow Deposit - it's all the same thing. 

When you do finally find a house and want to make an offer, the strength of that offer will be contingent upon, in part, how much cash you can put down, your pre-approval letter and the price you are offering compared to other offers the seller may have received. 

Your offer will compete directly with others, if others exist, and the strongest offer usually wins. In the Tampa area, on a home priced around $200,000, typical EMD is $1500 - $2500.  For homes between $300,000 and $400,000, a $4,000 - $6,000 escrow deposit is not uncommon.  On a $900,000 – $1,200,000 home, escrow of $25,000 cash is pretty typical in today’s market for a seller to take you seriously.  The amount of the deposit is ultimately up to you.  These are just guidelines I've seen in real life transactions in our area.  The more cash you put down typically makes for a stronger offer - it tells the seller "Here's my cash.  I am putting my money where my mouth is and will close on this home!"

Your EMD money is usually due within 3 days of your offer being accepted by the seller and is usually payable to the title company or lawyer (title company is most common around Tampa).  The EMD amount you put down will go towards your downpayment upon closing and if your deal happens to fall through before closing, you may or may not get that money back, depending on how your contract is worded and where you are along the contract.

How does the offer process work?

Example:  You find a home in Tampa listed for $315,000.  You love it and speak with me about making an offer on the home for $300,000 (I will help you with the offer and provide my expert opinion as well as comparable home sales so we have a basis to justify the cost).  Included with the offer is your pre-approval letter from a mortgage lender that says you qualify to purchase a home up to $325,000.  You discuss with me including an Earnest Money Deposit of $6,000 to be written into the offer contract. 

That $6,000 will typically be due 3 days after your offer is accepted (if it is accepted, per your contract terms).  If your offer is accepted, you will overnight or wire the escrow deposit to the title agent before the 3-day deadline is up and you (or your agent) will receive an EMD receipt from the title company that shows you made your EMD deposit on time which binds the contract.

Once your escrow payment has been made, it may be difficult to get your escrow money back without legal action, depending on how the offer contract is written up and what deadline dates are written into the contract. 

Many important dates and deadlines will be written into your offer contract but typically once the inspection period runs out, you are then committed to purchasing the home, barring any contingencies and other contingent deadlines, like an appraisal.  Again, there are exceptions and I am not a contracts attorney but most of the provisions and deadlines are clearly outlined in the offer contract.  If you cannot perform the actions written into the contract in a timely manner, don't sign the contract.  An offer contract is a legally binding contract so make sure you read it, have your attorney review and explain it before you sign it.

There is usually a “point of no return” in the contract – a point at which you either give up your escrow deposit to the seller or face legal action against you for backing out of the contract you agreed to.  Both you and the seller will have contracted obligations and deadlines to meet until closing once the contract is executed.

The contract timeline and those little costs that add up!

Once you are under contract, there are specific tasks you need to fulfill to stay within the contract terms. 


So you love the home, make an offer on it with my help, the offer is accepted.  Per the contract, you have 3 days to send your EMD check to the title agent and per the contract, we have a 10-day inspection period and the contract is contingent upon you getting financing at reasonable terms and the home needs to appraise for the offer price.

Day 3 after both parties have signed the offer, "The Effective Date" of your contract.  EMD is due.  Once EMD is deposited we will usually order inspections.  I have lots of resources for inspections and will typically provide you a list to choose from if you need a good referral or you can use any inspectors you'd like. 


For liability reasons, real estate agents are not to intervene with the inspection process.  We can refer you to people who can help but we are not allowed to make judgment calls on homes we do not have the expertise in.  We can point out known issues and issues we find that may be a problem but it is your inspector who will advise you accordingly as to what is right or wrong with the property and what needs fixing.  We must stay in our lanes as they say.  Real estate agents are not contract attorneys, home inspectors or general contractors.

A good home inspection around here will cost you anywhere between $225 - $450, depending on the size of the home.  For a typical 2000 sq. ft. 4 bed home you can expect to pay about $400.  Add another $90 for a 4-point inspection which may help you save money on homeowner's insurance.

Other possible inspections you may need during your inspection period:

  • Wood Destroying Organism Inspection - (WDO or Termite Inspection)

  • Foundation Engineer

  • Mold / Air Quality / Mold Remediation Quote

  • Plumber to scope pipes

  • Septic Tank Inspector

  • Electrician / Electrical Inspector - Usually hired if home inspector finds something wrong with the electrical system.

  • Asbestos Remediation Inspection

  • Sinkhole Specialist / Engineer

Inspections are a necessary expense.  They help you make an informed decision.  Once the inspection period is over, it is usually difficult to get your EMD money back if you decide to back out.  Essentially, you have 5-20 days after the contract is signed to decide if the house is worth your offer price during this inspection period, per your contract.  Use this time wisely and do not skip the inspections.  They're there to protect you and are very important.

I hope you’ve found this piece interesting and informative.  If you have questions about anything real estate related, feel free to shoot me a text or email or call. 

I’d love to work with you and help you with this process.  

I look forward to working with you!

- Phil Bernie

Broker Associate | Tampa REALTOR®

Contact Phil Bernie, Broker Associate, today.

Cell / Text: 813-420-8488

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March 31, 2020

Tampa Bay Area Counties

Tampa Bay Area Counties, Neighborhoods and Subdivisions

Tampa Bay Area Counties

If you are considering buying or selling a Tampa Bay area home, it helps to become familiar with the different neighborhoods, subdivisions and areas in and around Tampa, FL.

The lists below should help you get started.  Any of these areas can be copied and pasted into a Google search to pull up specific information about the area as well as inserted into the criteria search here on our website so you can find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood for you and your family.


  • Brevard County
  • Charlotte County
  • Citrus County
  • Desoto County
  • Hardee County
  • Hernando County
  • Highlands County
  • Hillsborough County
  • Lake County
  • Lee County
  • Manatee County
  • Marion County
  • Orange County
  • Osceola County
  • Pasco County
  • Pinellas County
  • Polk County
  • Sarasota County
  • Seminole County
  • St Lucie County
  • Sumter County
  • Volusia County


  • Apollo Beach
  • Brandon
  • Dover
  • Gibsonton
  • Lakeland
  • Lithia
  • Lutz
  • Odessa
  • Plant City
  • Riverview
  • Ruskin
  • Seffner
  • Sun City Center
  • Tampa
  • Thonotosassa
  • Valrico
  • Wimauma
Feb. 5, 2020


What credit score do I need to buy a home?

We get A LOT of people through our TampaHomeSearcher.com web site and unfortunately, many visitors who want to buy a home just aren't ready.  I usually tell potential clients who are still 6 months to 1 year away from buying to follow these steps as they prepare to purchase a new home or move out of a rental and into their first home.

640 - It's the magic number!  MONITOR YOUR CREDIT!

Work with a reputable credit counselor if you need to but do whatever it takes to monitor your credit at least weekly between now and when you are ready to buy.  You can use a website like Credit Karma to help with that.  From what we've found, their numbers won't be the same as your lenders credit numbers but they are usually close and at the very least, you'll know which direction your credit score is going in and you will be proactively monitoring everything.  The lender's score, not Credit Karma's is what matters when buying a home.

Shoot for a score higher than 640 - that's what most lenders say is the magic number.  It's not the only consideration of course, but if you are under 640, you could have trouble getting a loan.  The higher your score before you buy, the better.

Credit can come up considerably and quickly if you are proactive and want it bad enough.  There are a lot of credit repair resources out there to help you.  Just make sure to vet whoever you use properly so you don't get ripped off.


This is pretty self explanatory.  No new cars, diamond rings, plastic surgeries, new credit card debt - nothing, if possible.  Don't make any large purchases while you are preparing to buy a home.  Use the time before you buy a home to better your financial picture.


One consideration you'll be scrutinized for when buying a home via mortgage is your debt-to-income ratio.  This is the amount of monthly debt you hold matched up against how much monthly income you bring in.  If this number is out of line, you will not get approved for a mortgage, generally speaking.  Currently, the max debt-to-income ratio is about 43% - so let's say you make $60,000 a year.  That is roughly $5,532 a month gross pay, if you are paid twice a month.  Of that $5,532, about $2,380 of that can be monthly debt - INCLUDING your new mortgage payment.

You can calculate your debt-to-income ratio by dividing your recurring monthly debt, such as your monthly credit card payments, other loan payments and child support, etc.) by your pre-tax monthly income. The lender will include the proposed loan amount in that number when they calculate your debt to income ratio and that number with everything added together, including the new monthly mortgage, should be less than 43% - but that does not include living expenses like gas, food, entertainment, etc.


Lenders will also take into account your employment history and how long you've been at your current job.  Do you bounce from job to job every few months or have you been with the same company for the last 5+ years?  Lenders are going to want to know they're making a good bet that you'll be able to pay your mortgage for the foreseeable future.


Yes there are some "no money down" programs but those are few and far between.  In reality, you will need CASH MONEY - at least some - to buy a home.  The more you can stockpile between now and then, the better off you'll be when it comes time to get approved for a loan.  Put yourself in the lender's position.  They want to secure the home with as much insurance as possible and they do not want to be underwater in the event you stop paying your mortgage so they want equity and they want a cushion.  20% down is awesome.  10% can be done with approved credit and other terms.  3.5% down is the current FHA loan standard, contingent upon approval and meeting some of the criteria above and certain limitations.  Regardless, you need cash.  Home inspections (cost about $300-$500), termite inspection (about $150), Earnest Money Deposit (for a $300,000 home in Tampa, typically about $6,000). 

My point is, when buying a home it feels like everyone is in your pockets and they kind of are.  You'll need cash to get through the transaction to closing.


While you are getting your financial house in order, become familiar with the local real estate market.  Use this time productively so you know and understand home prices in the areas you are looking.  Contact us and let us put you on a broad MLS search using your criteria so you can start viewing homes online and figure out what things you love in a home and what you do not - it's a refining process that takes time.  Use this time wisely.  Phil will gladly work with you along the way to help you refine your searches and tweak your criteria as well as help you hone in on exactly what you want.  Then, when you are ready to buy, all the research will have been done already and you'll really know what you want and how much to pay for it.  This is a key part of the process.  Becoming familiar with the market and understanding how homes are priced will help you make better decisions when it's go-time!


The items above are probably the biggest considerations a lender will use to approve you for a loan.  If you get all those things in check, you should be good to go when it comes time to get a mortgage.  Remember, your creditworthiness will affect your interest rate so the better you swing those numbers in your favor, the less you'll pay in interest each month.  It is very important.


Our preferred lender is a rockstar lender.  nothing slips through the cracks and he knows his stuff when it comes to mortgages.  Reach out to me today and I'll put you in touch.  Even if you are a little early in the process, it might be worth a 5 minute conversation so there are no surprises when it comes time to actually buy a home.


- where I chronicle the step by step process of buying a home in the Tampa Bay area in detail.  If you are not sure of the process, be sure to read this post I created.

- Phil Bernie

Broker Associate | Tampa REALTOR®

Contact Phil Bernie, Broker Associate, today.

Cell / Text: 813-420-8488

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Feb. 1, 2020

Tampa Home Searcher | Rules of Engagement

Tampa Home Searcher Rules of Engagement

I wanted to create a post to make my intentions clear and to convey our purpose and the way we go about things here.  

We process a lot of "leads" each month.  Our website is very popular because it is very user friendly and a fun site to search for homes.  A "lead" (a person who visits our site and registers) is NEVER a name and number to us - to me!  There's a journey that is about to begin for nearly everyone who visits TampaHomeSearcher.com and it is my responsibility and obligation as a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker to educate, protect and advise my clients and potential clients using the expertise I've gained through education and experience.  I typically extend that to include anyone - anyone at all, who needs my help.  I strongly believe expertise is meant to be shared.  I just happen to know real estate very well but it could be any expertise.  It's meant to be shared.

With that said, my site, TampaHomeSearcher.com is also the backbone of my real estate business and as such, it is important to me to get in touch with people who truly need my help.  To do so, I need to know who is just browsing because looking at homes is fun and who is seriously considering buying or selling a home within the next 1-6 months.

We created this simple "Rules of Engagement" post not as some hard-nosed mantra but to express what we do and what we hope to get from our visitors. So here goes.....

The purpose of Tampa Home Searcher is to help our clients and potential clients buy or sell a home.

1.  We can help you buy or sell ANY HOME, ANYWHERE, NO MATTER WHERE YOU FIND IT in the State of Florida, no matter WHERE you find it - the big website that starts with Z, it's sister site that sounds like Brulia, R Dot Com, driving down the street - anywhere.  We choose to work within the Tampa Bay region which is pretty large geographically speaking and that's fine with us.  If you find something you like, get in touch with us before clicking any buttons on other websites or you'll be hounded by agents.  When you send us an address of a home you like, we will do some preliminary research to see what the property is about.  Then, if you want to go see it, let us know and we'll schedule a showing.

2.  I am a no BS agent and Broker Associate.  I am transparent and do not tend to sugar coat anything.  I would hope the same courtesy is extended by our visitors to us.  If you do not want to buy or sell a home, please tell us that.  It is better to let us know in advance than have us commit resources and time to taking care of you when you just want to be left alone.  I know that probably sounds horrible in writing but we want to make sure you get what you want.  We cannot and do not try to "hard sell" you into buying a home.  It just doesn't happen that way and will never work.  If you do want to buy a home but are unsure when you might be making a move, tell us that as well.  Again, honesty is the best policy here.  We want to help you, not hound you but we need to know how to best serve you.

3.  If you already have an agent, why aren't you using their site?  This question comes up so often, I thought I'd lay it out right here.  If you find our site and our content useful but already have an agent, please ask yourself: why doesn't that agent have a great site with great information?  Do you want the best to help you through the potential transaction or do you prefer to work with an agent with little experience who, due to the lack of engagement, creates a situation where you feel the need to seek another agent's resources to help yourself because they're just not providing what we provide?  Again, I know this might sound harsh but you should really think about that.  It doesn't apply to everyone but we've met some great people through our site who have used it to search for homes for 7, 8, 9 months before buying, and have read every valuable email we send then tell us they have an agent.  Why?  WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU BUY OR SELL A HOME.  If you have no interest in that, please let us know.  You can still use our site of course but we won't dedicate resources to helping you since you already have an agent or have no interest in buying or selling.

4.  If you choose us, we will take you from Point A to Point B successfully.  We will PROTECT you and FIGHT for your interest.  Phil Bernie is a fighter and highly competitive.  He is also a single, custodial Dad.  The nurturing side of being a single Dad makes him a PROTECTOR.  His clients become part of the family and will be protected.  Whether it means tough negotiations or a complex strategy to get a deal done, Phil will put your interest first - always.  He takes that responsibility very seriously.

5.  Be honest.  Tell us your intent and we will tell you ours.  Phil is a trusted adviser and expert in Real Estate.  We will provide everything you need along the way as long as we know what it is.  Need some time?  No problem.  Need to close in 30 days?  No problem.  Just want to browse homes?  No problem.  Need to sell your home at some point?  Just let us know.  As long as you express your intent and desire to us as well as any issues or struggles you face or think you may face, we can help you overcome them and there is no charge, no fees - nothing until you close on a home.  Our time and advice are absolutely free to anyone who needs it but we need to know what you need so we can best help you and not try to provide something you do not need.  We help people buy and sell homes. 

6.  Communication is key!  Talk to us.  Reach out.  We want to meet every one of you in person and have a quick conversation if your plan is to eventually buy or sell a home at some point.  Let's have coffee together so you can put a face to the name and discuss what you need.  Starting this process is a lot like a job interview.  I want to be your agent but to do so, I need to prove my value and worth.  I cannot do that if I don't get to know you and you don't get to know me.  Let's just have coffee and go from there.  :-)

I look forward to working with you!

- Phil Bernie

Broker Associate | Tampa REALTOR®

Contact Phil Bernie, Broker Associate, today.

Cell / Text: 813-420-8488

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Jan. 19, 2020

Tampa Bay Area Counties, Neighborhoods and Subdivisions

Tampa Bay Area Counties, Neighborhoods and Subdivisions

If you are considering buying or selling a Tampa Bay area home, it helps to become familiar with the different neighborhoods, subdivisions and areas in and around Tampa, FL.

The lists below should help you get started.  Any of these areas can be copied and pasted into a Google search to pull up specific information about the area as well as inserted into the criteria search here on our website so you can find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood for you and your family.


  • Brevard County
  • Charlotte County
  • Citrus County
  • Desoto County
  • Hardee County
  • Hernando County
  • Highlands County
  • Hillsborough County
  • Lake County
  • Lee County
  • Manatee County
  • Marion County
  • Orange County
  • Osceola County
  • Pasco County
  • Pinellas County
  • Polk County
  • Sarasota County
  • Seminole County
  • St Lucie County
  • Sumter County
  • Volusia County


  • Apollo Beach
  • Brandon
  • Dover
  • Gibsonton
  • Lakeland
  • Lithia
  • Lutz
  • Odessa
  • Plant City
  • Riverview
  • Ruskin
  • Seffner
  • Sun City Center
  • Tampa
  • Thonotosassa
  • Valrico
  • Wimauma


0td | North Tampa Heights

1000 Channelside A Condo

1910 Urban North Twnhms

193 | Lillie Estates Unit A

1g9 Hamner's We Pine Vista First Addition

2qq | Bloomingdale Section F Unit 2

2wa | Sun City Center Unit 44 A

301 North Rome

345 Bayshore A Condo

3il | Rose Garden Acres

3ts | Maryland Manor 2nd Unit

3u3 | Virginia Terrace

3wj | Fair Oaks Manor

3x8 | Anita Subdivision

3xq Zapico's Resubdivision

3ye | Gandy Boulevard Park 2nd Addition

3yi | Interbay

3zr | Gandy Boulevard Park

411 | Bayhill Estates 2nd Addition

41m | Tropical Pines


41y | Sunset Addition

42j | Port Tampa City Map

464 | Temple Crest Unit No 1

4710 Medical Arts Condo

48a-Belmont Heights No 2 Pb 12pg 88

4a0 | Englewood

4a6 | Montana City

4bd | Lewis Heights

4kt | Sperry Sub No 1

4l1 | Mc Clung Berry Sub No 2

4n6 | Jackson Heights

4nb | Campobello Blocks 1 To 30

4pd | El Cerro

4pq | Mac Farlanes Rev Map Of Additions To West T

4pq | Mac Farlanes Rev Map Of Additions To West Ta

4pv | Mac Farlane Park

4r7 | Orange Park Plat 1 Pg 104

4s0 | Ridgewood Park

4vk | Campobello Blocks 31 To 45

4vt | Watch Hill

5010 Bayshore Condo Inc

509 | Davis Islands Pb10 Pg52 To 57 And Pb17 Pg5 T


5yo Harwell Estates

800 Buffalo A Condo

90q Eagle Palm Phase 1

9c1 | Meadow By Lake Leta

9vv | Hawks Point Phase S-2

A F Turner

A L Backs Sub

A Rep Of Tampa Palms Unit 1b

A Resub Of A Por Of Apollo

Abbey Grove

Acadia Condo


Acreage & Unrec

Acreage & Unrec 01-28-22

Acreage & Unrec 03-31-19

Acreage & Unrec 13-32-20

Acreage & Unrec 16-32-21

Acreage & Unrec 21-32-20

Acreage & Unrec 29-27-22

Adamo Acres Sub Un 1

Adamo Acres Sub Unit 2

Adamo Acres Unit 01

Adamstown Cay A Condominium

Addison Manor

Alafia Estates Unit A

Alafia Garden

Alafia Gardens

Alafia Oaks

Alafia Pointe Estates

Alafia Preserve

Alafia Ridge Estates

Alafia River Estates

Alafia Shores Sub 1st


Alavista Sub Unit One

Aldermans Add

Alexander Woods Townhomes

Alexander Woods Twnhms

Alice Heights Rev Map

Alice Winter Gardens

All Bright Shores Sub

Allegro Palm A Condo




Alta Vista Tracts

Amaya Estates

Amber Sweet Farms Unit 2 Lot 7

Amberly Oaks

Amberly Oaks Twnhms

American Gardens

Ancient Oak Platted Subdivisio


Andalucia Sub

Andover C Condo

Andover D Condo

Andover E Condo

Andover F Condo

Andrews Sub

Anita Sub

Antigua Cove Ph 01

Antigua Cove Ph 1

Apex Lake Estates

Apollo Beach Commerce Center

Apollo Beach Unit 01

Apollo Beach Unit 02

Apollo Beach Unit 06

Apollo Beach Unit 08 A Resubdi

Apollo Beach Unit 08 Sec A

Apollo Beach Unit 1 Pt 2

Apollo Beach Unit 13 Pt 1 Re

Apollo Beach Unit Four

Apollo Beach Unit One Pt One

Apollo Beach Unit Six

Apollo Beach Unit Two

Apollo Key Village

Arbor Greene

Arbor Greene Ph 03 Units 01 02 & 05

Arbor Greene Ph 07 Unit 01

Arbor Greene Ph 1

Arbor Greene Ph 2 Units 1 A

Arbor Greene Ph 3 Units 1 2

Arbor Greene Ph 3 Units 3b

Arbor Greene Ph 4

Arbor Greene Ph 5 Units 1 A

Arbor Greene Ph 7 Unit 1

Arbor Greene Phase 3 Unit 8

Arbor Greene Townhomes Replat

Arbor Greene Twnhms Rep

Arbor Lakes Ph 02

Arbor Reserve Estates


Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights North

Arlington Park Condo

Armenia Estates Rev

Armenia Terrace

Armistead Manor

Asbury Park

Asbury Park Villas & Townhou

Ashburn Square Twnhms

Ashley Oaks Unit Iii

Aston Villas


Avea Pointe

Avelar Creek North

Avelar Creek North Lot 28 Block 9

Avelar Creek South

Avery Park



Avila Lot 07

Avila Lot 10

Avila Lot 11

Avila Lot 8

Avila Twnhms

Avila Un 12

Avila Unit 01

Avila Unit 03

Avila Unit 04

Avila Unit 07

Avila Unit 1

Avila Unit 10m

Avila Unit 10v

Avila Unit 12

Avila Unit 13c

Avila Unit 17a12

Avila Unit 17b

Avila Unit 2

Avila Unit 4

Avila Unit 5

Avila Unit 5e

Avila Unit 7b5

Avila Unit No 1

Avila Unit No 11a

Avon Springs


Avondale At South Fork

Avondale Groves

Ayalas Grove Sub


Ayersworth - Stoneridge Manors

Ayersworth Glen

Ayersworth Glen Ph 3a

Ayersworth Glen Ph 3c

Ayersworth Stonepark

Ayersworth Stoneridge Manors

Ayersworth- Stonepark

B & H Sub Including

B1i | Reserve At Pradera Phase 3

B40 | Waterset Phase 4a South

B50 | Camellia Square Townhomes

B6p | Carlton Lakes Phase 1e-1

B87 | Carlton Lakes Phase 1c-1

Bahia Beach Twnhms Ph 1a

Bahia Beach Twnhms Ph 2

Bahia Beach Twnhms Ph 2 Lot 13 Block 2

Bahia Del Sol Ii A Condo

Bahia Lakes Ph 1

Bahia Lakes Ph 4

Bal Harbour Chateaux Condomini

Bal Harbour Chateaux Condominium

Balincort Heights

Ballard Park Rev

Ballast Point

Ballentrae Sub

Ballentrae Sub Ph 1

Balm Professional Center

Banza Banza

Barbara Heights

Barcelona Lofts

Barnhart Sub

Barrington Oaks East

Barrys Sub

Bartholomews W G Sub

Bartons Country Estates

Basset Creek Estates Ph 1

Basset Creek Estates Ph 2a

Basset Creek Estates Ph 2c

Basset Creek Estates Ph 2d

Bay Breeze

Bay Crest Park Unit 01

Bay Crest Park Unit 06

Bay Crest Park Unit 08 A

Bay Crest Park Unit 15

Bay Crest Park Unit 16

Bay Crest Park Unit 17

Bay Crest Park Unit 19

Bay Pointe Colony A Condominiu

Bay Pointe Condo

Bay Port Colony Ph Ii Un I

Bay Port Colony Ph Iii Un 1

Bay Vista

Baya Vista

Baybridge Rev

Baybridge Revised


Bayhill Estates Add

Bayou Pass Villg Ph Three

Baypointe Sub

Bayport Village

Bayport West Ph 2

Bayshore Beautiful Sub

Bayshore Beautiful Twnhms

Bayshore Crest

Bayshore Estates

Bayshore Estates 4

Bayshore Pointe Twnhms Phas

Bayshore Royal Condo

Bayshore Royal Condominium

Bayshore Towers A Condo

Bayshore Trails Twnhms

Bayside East Rev

Bayside Key Ph Ii

Bayside South

Bayside West

Beach Park

Beach Park Isle Sub

Beach Park/Westwego

Beach Way Sub 3

Beachwalk Condo

Beachwalk Condominium

Beacon Meadows Unit 1

Bearss Glen

Bearss Landing

Bedford C Condo

Bedford G Condo

Bel Mar

Bel Mar Rev Island Unit

Bel Mar Rev Unit 06

Bel Mar Rev Unit 1

Bel Mar Rev Unit 10

Bel Mar Rev Unit 5

Bel Mar Rev Unit 7

Bel Mar Shores Rev

Bel Mar Shores Rev Rep

Bel Mar Unit 02

Bel Mar Unit 03

Bel Mar Unit 2

Bel Mar Unit 3

Bel Mar Unit 4

Belfair Park Townhomes

Bell Creek Preserve Ph 1

Bell Park

Bell Shoals Gardens

Belle Meade

Belle Vista

Bellefield Village Amd

Bellingham Oaks


Bellmere Corr Map Of The

Bellmont Heights

Bells Add

Belmack Acres


Belmont Estates Iii

Belmont Heights

Belmont Heights 2 Pb 10 Pg 1

Belmont Heights 2 Pb 12 Pg

Belmont Heights 2 Pb 12 Pg 2

Belmont Heights 2 Pb 31 Pg

Belmont Manors

Belmont North Ph 2a

Belmont North Ph 2c

Belmont Ph 01a

Belmont Ph 1a

Belmont Ph 1b

Belmont Ph 1c-1 Pt Rep

Belmont Ph 1c-2a Pt Re

Belvedere Park

Belvedere Place

Ben Wiggins Sub

Benjamin's 3rd Sub

Benjamins 2nd Add To Wes

Benjamins 5th Add

Benjamins Add To West Ta

Bennett Acres

Bennett Surv For A Minor

Bens Sub

Berkeley Twnhms

Berkford Place

Berriman Place

Berry Landing

Berry Road Estates


Beverly Heights Unit 1

Big Bend Professional Center

Big Oaks Sub

Big Pines Sub

Big Timber Estates

Billups Twnhms

Bimini Bay

Bimini Bay Ph 2

Birchwood Preserve

Birchwood Preserve South

Blackburn Sub

Blacks W C Sub

Blackwater Sub

Blaszyk Reserve

Bledsoe Acres

Blessed Estates

Bloomfield Hills Ph 2


Bloomingdale Hills Sec C Unit 01

Bloomingdale Sec A Unit 1

Bloomingdale Sec Aa Gg Uni

Bloomingdale Sec Aa Gg Unit 01 Ph 01

Bloomingdale Sec Bb Ph

Bloomingdale Sec C Unit 3

Bloomingdale Sec D Unit

Bloomingdale Sec Dd Ph 3 A

Bloomingdale Sec F Unit 1

Bloomingdale Sec H Unit

Bloomingdale Sec J

Bloomingdale Sec M Unit

Bloomingdale Sec O

Bloomingdale Section Bb Ph 1

Bloomingdale Village Ph I S

Blueberry Estates

Bon Air


Bonita Blks 26 To 30 & 32 To





Booker T Park

Boone Arees

Boran I

Boulevard Heights 2

Boulevard Park Rev Map

Boulevard Villas

Bour Lands

Bouton & Skinners Add

Bouton And Skinner's Addition To West Tampa

Box Factory Lofts

Boyette Creek Ph 1

Boyette Creek Phase 2

Boyette Farms Ph 2a

Boyette Farms Ph 2b1

Boyette Farms Ph 3

Boyette Fields

Boyette Park

Boyette Park Ph 1/A 1/B 1/D

Boyette Ridge Estates

Boyette Spgs Sec A Un #2

Boyette Spgs Sec A Un #7

Boyette Spgs Sec A Unit

Boyette Spgs Sec B Un #6

Boyette Spgs Sec B Unit


Brancato Acres Platted Subdivisions

Branch/Upper Tampa Bay Area

Branda Vista Sub Unit


Brandon Brook Ph Iiia

Brandon East Sub Unit

Brandon Groves North

Brandon Groves Sec One

Brandon Hills Ext

Brandon Lake Park Unit 01

Brandon Lakes

Brandon Pointe Prcl 107 Repl

Brandon Pointe Prcl 114

Brandon Preserve

Brandon Ridge

Brandon Ridgeland Unit Two

Brandon Traces

Brandon Tradewinds Add

Brandon Valrico Hills Estates


Brant Shores

Brenmar Acres

Brentwood Hills

Brentwood Hills Tr C

Brentwood Hills Trct A Un 1

Brentwood Park

Bridge Haven Ph 1

Bridgewater Landing

Brigadoon On Lake Heather Tn 2

Brigadoon On Lake Heather Tn 4

Brightside Village

Brightwater Sub

Brisa Del Mar Twnhms

Bristol Park

Broadmoor Park Rev

Broadmoor Park Revised Plat

Broadway Centre

Broadway Heights East

Broadway Sub

Brobston Fendig & Co Half Wa

Brobston Fendig & Co Half Way

Brockton Place A Condo R

Brookdale Farms

Brooker Reserve

Brooker Ridge


Brookwood Sub

Browns Plan Of Add

Browns Plan Of Addition To The Town Of Mango

Buckeye Heights


Buckhorn East

Buckhorn Fifth Add Unit 1

Buckhorn First Add Unit 1

Buckhorn Groves Ph 1

Buckhorn Oaks Unit 2

Buckhorn Preserve

Buckhorn Preserve Ph 1

Buckhorn Preserve Ph 3

Buckhorn Run

Buckhorn Second Add Unit

Buckhorn Seventh Addition

Buckhorn Spgs Manor

Buckingham At Tampa Palms

Buckingham Unit 1


Buffalo Ave Farms

Buffalo Heights

Buford Park

Bullfrog Creek Preserve

Bungalow Park A Condo

Bungalow Park East Rev Map

Burlington Heights

Burnette Place

Butler Mc Intosh Sub

Byars Heights

Byars Riverview Acres Rev

Byars Thompson Add Davis

Byrd Lake Woods

California Heights Add

Calm Harbour Sub

Caloosa Country Club Estates U

Calusa Trace

Calusa Trace Unit Ix Ph I

Calusa Trace Unit One

Calusa Trace Unit Three

Camden Woods Ph 2

Cameo Villas Unit 1

Cameo Villas Unit 2

Cameo Villas Unit 4

Camila Estates



Campobello Blocks 1 To 30

Campobello Blocks 31 To 45

Canal Shores Sub

Canterbury Lakes Ph 4

Canterbury Oaks

Canterbury Village - The Eagles

Canterbury Woods

Canterfield Farms

Capri Isle At Cory Lake


Caribbean Isles Residential Co

Carlton Lakes Ph 1a 1b-1 An

Carlton Lakes Ph 1d1

Carlton Place

Carlyle Garden Twnhms A Con

Carman's Casa Del Rio

Carmans Casa Del Rio

Carmuchas Platted

Caron Jennie & Hectors Sub

Carriage Point Ph 2a

Carriage Pointe Ph 1

Carriage Pointe Phase 1

Carriage Pointe South Ph 2c

Carriage Pointe South Ph 2c 2

Carriage Pointe South Ph 2d1

Carriage Pointe South Ph 2d3

Carriage Pte South Ph 2c 2

Carrillon Estates

Carroll City

Carroll Landing

Carroll Oaks

Carrollwood / Forest Hills Area

Carrollwood Cove At Emerald Greens A Condo

Carrollwood Crossing

Carrollwood Estates

Carrollwood Landings

Carrollwood Meadows Unit 01

Carrollwood Meadows Unit 1

Carrollwood Meadows Unit 4

Carrollwood Meadows Unit 9

Carrollwood Meadows Unit Ii Se

Carrollwood Reserve

Carrollwood Spgs Unit 1

Carrollwood Spgs Unit 2

Carrollwood Spgs Unit 3

Carrollwood Sprgs Cluster Hms

Carrollwood Sub

Carrollwood Sub Un 21

Carrollwood Sub Un 27

Carrollwood Sub Un 28

Carrollwood Sub Unit 1

Carrollwood Village Ph 2 Vi

Carrollwood Village Ph Iii

Carrollwood Village Ph Two

Carrollwood Village Pine Lake

Carrollwood Village Pine Lake Garden Villas

Carrollwood Village Sec 1

Casa Bahia At Westshore Yacht

Casa Del Lago Sub

Casa Loma Sub

Casey Cove Estates

Cash Acres Unit 01

Castillo At Westshore Yacht Club

Castillo Sub

Castle Heights

Castle Heights 1st Add

Castle Heights Map

Catherine City Sub

Causeway Boulevard Subdivision

Cedar Creek At Country Run Pha

Cedar Run Final

Cedarwood Village Unit Ii

Center Hill

Central Court

Central Heights

Central Park

Central Park Blks 1 2 4 To 12

Central Tampa Professional Center Condo

Central Village

Chadam Platted

Channelside Lofts

Channing Park

Chapman Manors

Charleston Square A Condominiu

Chateau Villa


Chelsea Manor

Cherry Park

Chestnut Forest


Cheval Biarritz Village

Cheval Blvd Estate

Cheval East Bordeaux Ph 2

Cheval Polo & Golf Cl Phas

Cheval Tennis Villg Condo 1

Cheval Tennis Villg Condo 3

Cheval West Village 8

Cheval West Village 9

Cheval West Village One

Cheval West Village Unit 2

Cheval West Villg 4 Ph 1

Childers Sub Un 1

Christena Waugh Prop Of

Cien Fuegos Sub

Citrus Green A Complete Rep

Citrus Green A Complete Rep Platted

Citrus Green Ph 2

Citrus Park Place

Citrus Park Resub Of B

Citrus Park/Westchase Area

Citrus Pointe Unit 1

City Central Condo

Clair Mel Add

Clair Mel City Sec A Unit

Clair Mel City Unit

Clair Mel City Unit 06

Clair Mel City Unit 30

Clair Mel City Unit 52

Clair Mel City Unit 6

Clair Mel City Unit 9

Clair Mel Sub Unit

Clarkson Bros Sub

Clay's E S Revised Map

Clayton Sub

Clewell Heights

Clewis Garden Tracts

Clifton Gardens 1st Add

Clo Mar Homes Sub

Clover Pointe Estates

Club Manor Unit 38 B

Cobia Cay

College Chase Ph 1

College Chase Ph 2

Collins Armenia Park

Collins P H Sub Of N 1

Collins Philip 2nd Add

Colonial Beach Properties Sub

Colony Bay Condo 01

Colony Bay Condo One

Colony Oaks Twnhms

Colson Acres

Community Estates

Cone Estates Unit A Platted

Cone Estates Unit B Platted

Conway Estates

Cooper Xing

Copper Ridge Tr G1

Cordoba Ranch

Cordoba Ranch Parcels Fd-1 &

Corinth Condo

Cortez Carrollwood

Cortez Of Carrollwood A Condom


Cory Lake Isles Ph 01 Unit 01

Cory Lake Isles Ph 01 Unit 02

Cory Lake Isles Ph 05 Un 02

Cory Lake Isles Ph 05 Unit 01

Cory Lake Isles Ph 06 Unit 01

Cory Lake Isles Ph 1 Unit 1

Cory Lake Isles Ph 1 Unit 3

Cory Lake Isles Ph 2 Unit 1

Cory Lake Isles Ph 2 Unit 2

Cory Lake Isles Ph 2 Unit 3

Cory Lake Isles Ph 4 Un 2

Cory Lake Isles Ph 4 Unit 1

Cory Lake Isles Ph 5 Un 1

Cory Lake Isles Ph 5 Unit 2

Cory Lake Isles Ph 6 Unit 2

Cory Lake Isles Phase 5 Unit 1

Cory Lake Isles/Capri Isle

Cotters Spring Hill

Country Aire Ph Four

Country Club Village At Carrol

Country Hills East Unit Eight

Country Hills Unit 01 C

Country Hills Unit Two C

Country Lakes

Country Place Unit 5

Country Place Unit Ii

Country Place Unit Iv B

Country Place Unit Vi

Country Place West Unit I

Country Place West Unit V

Country Run Unit 3

Country Run Unit Ii

Country Way Twnhms Ph 2

Countryway Prcl B Tr 16

Countryway Prcl B Tr 20

Countryway Prcl B Tr 23

Countryway Prcl B Trct 1 Ph

Countryway Prcl B Trct 13 & 14

Countryway Prcl B Trct 21 Ph 2

Countryway Tr 01 Ph 02

Courier City

Courtland Sub

Courtney Palms Condo

Cove At Rocky Point


Covina At Bay Park

Covington Park Ph 1a

Covington Park Ph 1b

Covington Park Ph 2a Unit 02

Covington Park Ph 2a Unit 1

Covington Park Ph 2a Unit 2

Covington Park Ph 2b 2c 3c

Covington Park Ph 4a

Covington Park Ph 4b

Covington Park Ph 5a

Covington Park Ph 5b

Covington Park Ph 5c

Crandalls M J Add To Wil

Crawford Place

Creek View

Creekside Sub Ph 2

Crenshaw Acres

Crenshaw Lakes

Crenshaw Reserve

Crescent Lake Estates

Crescent Park

Crescent Place Condo

Crestridge Sub First Add

Crestridge Subdivision

Crestview Lakes


Crilly Acres

Crilly Acres/Lake Stemper

Cristina Ph 3 Unit 4

Cristina Ph I

Cristina Ph Ii Unit 2

Crosby Crossings

Cross Creek

Cross Creek Prcl D Ph 1

Cross Creek Prcl G Ph 1

Cross Creek Prcl H Ph I

Cross Creek Prcl K Ph 2b

Cross Creek Prcl K Ph 2c

Cross Creek Prcl M Ph 1

Cross Creek Prcl M Ph 3a

Cross Creek Unit 1

Cross Creek Unit 1 Lot 10 Block 1

Crosswynde Condo

Crowder Manor Condo Phas

Crystal Acres Sub

Culbreath Bayou

Culbreath Isles Unit 02

Culbreath Isles Unit 03

Culbreath Isles Unit 1 A

Culbreath Isles Unit 2

Culbreath Isles Unit 3

Culbreath Isles Unit No 1 A

Culbreath Key

Culbreath Key Bayside Condo

Culbreath Key Bayside Condomin

Cumberland Manors Ph 2

Curry Cove

Cuscaden & Harrisons

Cuscaden & Wells

Cuscadens Sub


Cypress Cove Twnhms

Cypress Creek

Cypress Creek Ph 1

Cypress Creek Ph 2

Cypress Creek Ph 3

Cypress Creek Ph 5a

Cypress Creek Ph 5c-1

Cypress Creek Ph 5c-2

Cypress Creek Town Estates

Cypress Creek Townhomes

Cypress Crk Ph 5c-1

Cypress Estates

Cypress Head

Cypress Hollow

Cypress Lake Estates

Cypress Meadows Sub Unit 2

Cypress Mill

Cypress Park

Cypress Park Garden Hms 1 Condo

Cypress Trace

Dana Shores Unit 6

Daphne Park 1st Add To

Davis & Dowdell Add To

Davis & Dowdell Add Town Of Wimauma

Davis Brown

Davis Islands

Davis Islands Pb10 Pg52 To 57

Davis Islands Pb10 Pg52 To 57 And Pb17 Pg5

Davis Islands Pb10 Pg52 To 57 And Pb17 Pg5 To

Davis Islands Rep

Davis Islands Rep Of Pt O

Deanes Percy

Debuel Road Minor Sub

Debuel Road Minor Subdivision

Deer Creek

Deer Creek Hollow

Deer Park


Del Rio Estates Unit 2

Del Rio Estates Unit 5

Del Webbs Sun City Florida Un

Del Webbs Sun City Florida Unit 13

Del Webbs Sun City Florida Unit 21

Del Webbs Sun City Florida Unit No 24a Revis

Delaney Creek Estates

Delarua Platted

Delarua Platted Sub

Dell Oaks


Desoto Heights

Devane & Lowry Sub O

Devane & Thomas

Devane And Thomas, Poinsettia Place

Dever Moody Sub

Devonshire Condo

Dg Farms Ph 2b

Diamond Hill Ph 02

Diamond Hill Ph 1b Unit 02

Diamond Hill Ph 1b Unit 2

Diamond Hill Ph 2

Dickey Platted

Dixie Home Sites

Dixons First Add

Dixons Sub

Doe Creek Reserve

Doerr Sub

Dogwood Hills

Dogwood Hills Unit 1

Dogwood Hills Unit 3

Dolce Vita

Dolphin Cove

Dorchester C Condo

Dorene Terrace Unit 02

Dorman Meadows

Dorman Ranch

Dover Road Sub

Dovewood Estates

Drew Park Re Of

Drew Park Rep

Drew's John H 1st Extension

Drews John H 1st Ext

Drews John H Sub Blks 1 To 10

Druid Hills Rev

Eagle Palm Ph Ii

Eagle Watch

Eagles Canterbury Village

Eaglewood Estates

East Bay Lakes

East Brandon Estates

East Lake Park Unit 03

East Lake Park Unit One

East Lake Park Unit Three

East Lake Park Unit Two

East North Tampa

East Point Sub

East Suwanee Heights

East Tampa

East Tampa Blocks 1 To 40

East Village


Eastern Heights

Eastgate Ext

Easton Park Ph 01

Easton Park Ph 03

Easton Park Ph 1

Easton Park Ph 3

Eastridge Preserve Sub

Echo Lake Estates Ph 1

Eden Cove Unit 2

Edgewater At Lake Brandon

Edgewater At Lake Brandon Rep

Edgewater Park

Edgewater Place

Edinborough Sub

Efird Farms

El Portal

El Rancho Petite

Eleve 61

Elizabeth Court

Elliott & Harrison Sub

Emerald Green Villas A Condo

Emerald Oaks

Emerald Pointe Twnhms At Ta

Emerson Sub

Emma Heights

Emory Heights

Empedrado Oaks Twnhms


Enclave At Boyette

Enclave At Ramble Creek

Enclave At Richmond Place


Englewood Eastern Por

Esco Park

Esplanade Of Tampa

Essex Downs

Estates At Jono Ranch

Estates Del Sol Unit 1

Estuary Ph 1 & 4

Estuary Ph 2

Estuary Ph 3

Eureka Rev Map

Evelyn City

Everette Ave Twnhms

Everina Homes 2nd Add

Everina Homes 5th Add

Fair Ground Farms

Fair Oaks South Two A Condomin


Faircrest I Condo

Faircrest Ii

Faircrest Iii A Condo

Fairlawn Estates 1st Add

Fairview Terrace

Fairview Terrace Resub

Fairway Estates At Summerfield

Fairway Lakes Twnhms Ii

Fairway Lakes Twnhms Ii A C

Fairway Palms A Condo

Fairway Ridge

Fairway Ridge Add

Fairway Village

Fairway Villas At Pebble Creek

Fairway Villas At Pebble Creek Village C


Faulkenburg Heights

Fawn Lake Ph Iii

Fawn Ridge Village C

Fawn Ridge Village E Un 2

Fawn Ridge Village F Un 2

Fern Cliff

Fern Hill

Fiddlers Cove A Condo

Fiishhawk Ranch West Ph 2a/

Firn Acres

Firstpark At Brandon Rep

Fish Hawk Trails

Fish Hawk Trails Un 1 & 2

Fish Hawk Trails Unit 3

Fish Hawk Trails Unit 4 Ph

Fish Hawk Trails Unit 6

Fishers Farms

Fishhawk Chapman Crossing Phas

Fishhawk Office Park Llc

Fishhawk Ranch

Fishhawk Ranch - Preserve

Fishhawk Ranch - West

Fishhawk Ranch 12b Ph 02

Fishhawk Ranch Comm

Fishhawk Ranch Ph 02

Fishhawk Ranch Ph 02 Unit 01

Fishhawk Ranch Ph 02 Unit 02

Fishhawk Ranch Ph 1 Unit 1b1

Fishhawk Ranch Ph 1 Unit 5

Fishhawk Ranch Ph 1 Units 1

Fishhawk Ranch Ph 2 Parcel F Unit 1

Fishhawk Ranch Ph 2 Parcel J

Fishhawk Ranch Ph 2 Prcl

Fishhawk Ranch Ph 2 Prcl A &

Fishhawk Ranch Preserve Ph 2

Fishhawk Ranch Starling

Fishhawk Ranch Towncenter Ph 2b

Fishhawk Ranch Towncenter Phas

Fishhawk Ranch Twnhms Ph

Fishhawk Ranch West

Fishhawk Ranch West Ph 1a

Fishhawk Ranch West Ph 1b/1c

Fishhawk Ranch West Ph 2a/

Fishhawk Ranch West Ph 4a

Fishhawk Ranch West Ph 5

Fishhawk Ranch West Ph 6

Fishhawk Ranch West Phase 3a

Fishhawk Ranch West Phases 3b And 3c

Fishhawk Reserve

Flat Island

Fletchers Mill

Fletchers Point

Flint Lake Estates Sub

Flora Park

Floral Gardens Unit 2

Florence Villa

Florida Garden Lands Rev M

Florida Garden Lands Rev Map

Florida Garden Lands Rev Map O

Florida Townsend Colony

Flowers & Stuart Oak Grove S

Forbes Unit 01

Fords Landing A Condo

Forest Hills Village Ph 2

Forest Manor Unit 2

Forest Park Resub Of Blocks 1

Fort King

Fort King Sub


Four Oaks Farm

Four Winds Estates Unit 2

Four Winds Estates Unit 4

Four Winds Estates Unit Six

Frances Arbor South

Frances Arbor Villas


Freedom Ridge

Fremont West Twnhms

Frenchs Platted Sub

Gadsden Park

Gallagher Lakes


Gandy Blvd Park

Gandy Boulevard Park

Gandy Gardens 03

Gandy Gardens 1

Gandy Gardens 10

Gandy Gardens 2

Gandy Gardens 3

Gandy Gardens 4

Gandy Gardens 5

Gandy Gardens 7

Gandy Manor 2nd Addition

Gandy Manor Add

Gandy Manor Estates

Garden City Rev Map Of

Gardenia Sub

Gardenia Subdivision



Gaspar On Delaware Twnhms

George Road Estates Un 2

Georgia Park


Gibsons Alafia River Estates

Gibsons Artesian Lands Sec 02

Gibsons Artesian Lands Sectio

Gibsonton On Bay Add 05

Gibsonton On The Bay 6th Add

Glen Cove

Glory Path Sites

Gloucester B Condo

Gloucester G Condo

Glovers Sub

Gold Coast Sub

Goldie Park Minor Sub

Golf & Sea Village Unit 01

Golf View Estates

Golf View Park

Golf View Park 11 Page 72

Golf View Place

Golf Villas Of Sun City Center

Golfland Of Tampa's North Side

Golfland Of Tampas North Side

Golfland Park Sub

Golfland Resub

Golfwood Estates

Golfwood Estates Unit 01

Golfwood Estates Unit 05


Gonzalez Simon Sub

Goods Add To Tampa


Grand Central At Kennedy Resid

Grand Hampton

Grand Hampton Ph 1a

Grand Hampton Ph 1b-1

Grand Hampton Ph 1b-2

Grand Hampton Ph 1c-1/2a-1

Grand Hampton Ph 1c-2/2a-2

Grand Hampton Ph 4

Grand Hampton Phase 1c-3

Grand Key

Grand Key A Condo

Grand Oak Glen

Grande Estates

Grant Park

Grant Park Add Blk 31-3

Grant Park Add Blocks 36-

Grantham Condo

Gray Gables

Graymont Land Cos Resubdivisi

Great Oaks Minor Sub

Greenbriar Sub Ph 1

Greenbriar Sub Ph 2

Greenbrook Village

Greenmoor Sub 2nd Add

Greenville Resub

Greenville Sub 3

Greggs Sub Of Blocks 4


Grove Park Estates

Grove Park Estates Unit 3 R

Grove Park Estates Unit 7

Grove Park Unit I

Grover Estates

Guernsey Estates

Guernsey Estates Add

Gunn Twnhms - Ph 2

H J Watrous 02 Add West Hyde Park

H M Butler

Hagin Lake Beach

Hagle Sub

Haimovitz Resub

Half Moon Lake

Half Moon Tracts

Hallman Estates

Hamilton Park

Hamilton Place A Condo

Hamlin Hill Estates

Hammock Oaks Reserve


Hamners Aloha Acres

Hamners Marjory B First Add

Hamners Sub

Hamners W E Albimar

Hamners W E Forest Acres

Hamners W E Wonderland Acres

Hampshire Park

Hampton Lakes Ph I

Hampton Park Unit 2

Hampton Park Unit 4

Hampton Terrace

Hanan Estates

Hanan Park Unit 2

Hancock Reserve

Hancock Sub

Hankins Suburban Homesites Re

Happy Homes

Harbour House Condo

Harbour Isles Ph 02d

Harbour Isles Ph 1

Harbour Isles Ph 2a/2b/2c

Harbour Isles Ph 2d

Harbour Isles Ph 2e

Harbour Place City Homes A Con

Harbourside At Harbour Island

Hardaman Acres Sub

Harder Oaks

Harrington Place A Condo

Harvest Creek Village

Harvest Field

Haven Estates

Hawk Creek Reserve

Hawks Fern

Hawks Fern Phase 2

Hawks Landing

Hawks Point Ph 1a-1

Hawks Point Ph 1a-2 2nd Prcl

Hawks Point Ph 1b-1

Hawks Point Ph 1c

Hawks Point Ph 1c-1 Pt R

Hawks Point Ph 1c-2 & 1d

Hawks Point Ph 1d-1-Additio

Hawks Point Ph 1d-2

Hawks Point Ph N Twnhms

Hawleys Sub

Hazard Sub

Hazen Court

Heather Lakes Unit 24 Ph 2

Heather Lakes Unit Xxxv

Hellekes Sub

Hemingway Estates Ph 1-A

Henderson Beach

Henderson Road Sub Uni

Henderson Road Sub Unit 4

Henderson Road Sub Unit 5

Hendry & Knights Add

Hendry & Knights Add To

Hendry & Knights Map Of Spa

Hendry Estates Platted Sub

Herchel Heights

Herchel Heights 2nd Addition

Herchel Heights Rev

Heritage Crest

Heritage Harbor

Heritage Harbor Ph 1b

Heritage Harbor Ph 2a & 3

Heritage Harbor Ph 2c

Heritage Harbor Ph 3c

Heritage Harbor Village

Heritage Isles

Heritage Isles Ph 1b

Heritage Isles Ph 1e Unit 1

Heritage Isles Ph 2d

Heritage Isles Ph 2e

Heritage Isles Ph 3a

Heritage Isles Ph 3e Unit 1

Heritage Isles Ph 3e Unit 2

Heritage Isles Phase 1b

Herring M S Sub

Hickory Breeze Sub

Hickory Hill Sub Ph

Hickory Lakes Manor

Hickory Lakes Ph 2

Hickory Woods Ph 1

Hidden Creek At West Lake

Hidden Oaks At Temple Terrace

Hidden Oaks Ph 01

Hidden Oaks Twnhms

Hidden Reserve

Hidden River Twnhms Ph 1

High Pines Sub

High Pines Sub Un 2 Rev

High Point Sub

Highgate Iii Condo

Highland Estates Ph 2a

Highland Estates Ph 2b

Highland Estates Phase 2b

Highland Grove Estates

Highland Park Ph 1

Highland Park Prcl N

Highland Pines Rev

Highland Ridge Unit 1

Highland Ridge Unit 2

Highlands At Hunters Green A Condo

Highview Terrace Subdivision

Hilda's Heavenly Haven

Hillandale Reserve Ph 1


Hilldale Heights Of Brandon

Hillsboro Heights Map

Hillsboro Heights Map South

Hillsboro Highlands Map

Hillsborough River Estates


Hillside Unit 06

Hixon Preserve

Hobbs Road Sub

Holdens Simms Resub Of

Holley Heights Unit 01

Hollomans J J

Holloway Creek

Holloway Plantation

Holly Park Unit 1

Homeland Park


Homestead Rev Map

Hopewell Gardens

Hounds Hollow

Howell Park Condo

Huntcliff Subdivision

Hunters Cove Unit 1

Hunters Green

Hunters Green Ph 1b 02

Hunters Green Prcl 13

Hunters Green Prcl 14a Phas

Hunters Green Prcl 14b Phas

Hunters Green Prcl 17b Ph 1b/

Hunters Green Prcl 19 Ph

Hunters Green Prcl 21

Hunters Green Prcl 22a Ph I

Hunters Green Prcl 3

Hunters Green Prcl 7

Hunters Run

Hyde Park

Hyde Park House

Hyde Park Towers A Condo

Hyde Park Walk A Condo

Hyde Park West

Idle Grove Park Unit 1 Corr

Idlewild On The Hillsborough

Idlewild On The Hillsborough N 52 Ft Of Lot 3 Bloc

Idlewood Condo Ph 2

Indian Head Sub

Indian Hills

Indian Lakes

Indian Mound Estates

Inglewood Park Add

Inglewood Park Add 2

Inglewood Park Add 4

Inlet Shore At Westshore Marina District



Interdonato Place

Inverness Condo

Island Cay Ph 2

Island Chateau A Condo

Island Place A Condo

Island Resort At Mariners Club

Island Resort At Mariners Club Bahia Beach

Island Walk A Condo

J J Cullaro Acres

J T Lesleys Add

J-R Manor

Jacks D F Add To West Ta

Jackson Square Twnhms

Jean Place

Jefferson Estates

John H Drews

John H Drews First Ext

Jones B U

Judy Road Estates


K-Bar Ranch

K-Bar Ranch Parcel O

K-Bar Ranch Prcl O

K-Bar Ranch Prcl Q Ph 1

K-Bar Ranch Prcl Q Ph 2

K-Bar Ranch Villas At Hawk Valley

K-Bar Villas At Hawk Valley

Kelkath Estates

Kell Estates


Kemerton Place

Kennedy Hill Sub

Kenny K Sub Unit 1

Kenny K Sub Unit 2

Kensington Condo

Kentwood Park

Keys At Harbour Island

Keystone Crossings

Keystone Manors

Keystone Park

Keystone Park Colony

Keystone Park Colony Sub

Keystone Reserve Sub

Keystone Shores Estates

Kim Acres

Kimberly Park Sub

Kinard Cove Platted Subdivisio

King Lake Phase 2

Kings Forest

Kings Lake Ph 1a

Kings Lake Ph 2b

Kings Lake Ph 3

Kings Lake Twnhms

Kings Mill

Kings Mill Ph 02

Kings Mill Ph Ii

Kings Village

Kingsport Twnhms

Kingsway Downs Unit One

Kingsway Estates

Kingsway Estates South

Kingsway Oaks Ph 01

Kingsway Oaks Unit 02

Kingsway Ph 01

Kingsway Ph 2

Kingsway Poultry Colony Unit 01

Kirby Creek

Kirkland Acres

Knollwood Rev Map Of Blk

Knowles Sub To West Ta

Krebs Sub

Krentel Park

Kromers Sub

La Carbayera

La Collina Ph 1a

La Collina Ph 1b

La Paloma

La Paloma Village Unit 1

La Paloma Village Unit 2 Ph


Lago Vista

Lago Whispers

Lake Armistead Estates

Lake Brandon Prcl 113

Lake Brandon Twnhms 114-A

Lake Carroll Cove

Lake Carroll Grove Estates

Lake Carroll Grove Estates Sub

Lake Chapman

Lake Charles

Lake Crest Manor

Lake Egypt Estates

Lake Ellen Grove Sub

Lake Ellen Landings Ii A Condominium

Lake Fantasia Platted Sub

Lake Forest Unit 2

Lake Fuller Estates Ph Ii

Lake Hanna Preserve

Lake Helen Estates

Lake Keen Sub Unit

Lake Magdalene Manors

Lake Magdalene Woods

Lake Maurine Sub

Lake Maurine Sub Add

Lake Robles

Lake St Charles Un 13 & 14

Lake St Charles Unit 11

Lake St Charles Unit 12

Lake St Charles Unit 15

Lake St Charles Unit 7

Lake St Charles Unit 8

Lake St Clair Ph 1-2

Lake St Clair Phase 3

Lake Toscana

Lake Valrico Sub Unit 1 Rev

Lake Weeks Ph 1

Lake Weeks Ph 2 & 3

Lakemont Hills Ph I

Lakemont Unit 4a

Lakes Of Wellington Ph 01

Lakes Of Wellington Ph I


Lakeshore Ph 2

Lakeshore Preserve

Lakeside Point

Lakeside Terrace

Lakeview At Calusa Trace

Lakeview At Citrus Park

Lakeview Village Sec D Uni

Lakeview Village Sec F

Lakeview Village Sec L Uni

Lakeview Village Sec M

Lakewood Manor

Lakewood Ridge Twnhms

Lancaster I Condo

Lancaster Ii Condo

Lancaster Iii Condo

Land Lackey Estates Unit 1

Land Lackey Estates Unit 2

Landcraft Deleon Twnhms

Lane Acres

Lane Farms Sub

Langs Addition To Golf View Estates

Langshire Village Ph 01

Lariscy Acres

Larrie Ellen Park

Las Brisas

Las Palmas De Ybor A Condomini

Las Ybor City Homes A Condomin

Laurel Terrace

Lawrence Platted Sub

Lazy Lane Estates

Le Clare Shores

Lee Coml Grove

Lee Comm Groves

Legacy Park Twnhms

Legacy Ridge

Leighton Place


Lesleys J T Add

Lexus Land

Liberty Oaks

Lillie Estates

Lillie Estates Unit A

Limona Park Association

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park South

Lincolnwood Estates

Linebaugh Estates Lot 81

Lithia Estates

Lithia Pines

Lithia Ranch Ph 2

Lithia Ridge Ph 02

Little Alafia Creek Estates

Little Bit Manor

Little Cuba

Little Manatee River Estates

Live Oak Preserve

Live Oak Preserve 2c Villages

Live Oak Preserve Ph 1b Village

Live Oak Preserve Ph 1c Village

Live Oak Preserve Ph 1e Village

Live Oak Preserve Ph 2a-Villag

Live Oak Preserve Ph 2a-Villages 9 10 11 & 14

Live Oak Preserve Ph 2b Villages 12 And 15

Live Oak Preserve Ph 2b-Vil

Live Oak Preserve Phase 1b Villages

Live Oak Preserve Phase 2b-Villages 12 And 15

Livingston Acres

Livingston Ave Estates

Livingston Unit Iv

Loch Devon Estates


Lochmere Sub

Lochmere Subdivision

Logan Gate Village Unit 1

Logans Park

Lone Pine Sub

Lorene Terrace

Lorraine Estates

Lost River Preserve Ph 02

Lost River Preserve Ph 2

Lost River Preserve Phase 2

Lost River Preserve Phase 2 Lot 2 Block 5

Lucaya Lake Club

Lucaya Lake Club Ph 1a

Lucaya Lake Club Ph 2a

Lucaya Lake Club Ph 2f

Lucaya Lake Club Twnhms Pha

Lucaya Lake Club Twnhms Phase 1

Lukes Sub

Lumsden Pointe Ph 1

Lumsden Pointe Phase 1 Lot 9 Block E

Lykes H T Sub

Lyndhurst Condo


Lynwood Park


Mac Dill Heights

Mac Dill Park Unit 3

Mac Farlane Park

Mac Farlanes Rev Map Of Add

Mac Farlanes Rev Map Of Additi

Mac Farlanes Rev Map Of Adds West Tam

Macdill Estates Rev

Mackmay Sub

Madigan Park Sub

Madison Indust Park

Madison Park South

Madrid Rev

Magdalene Reserve

Magdalene Reserve 2

Magnolia Beach Unit 01

Magnolia Chase

Magnolia Green Ph 2

Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park Central Ph A

Magnolia Park Central Ph B

Magnolia Park Northeast Prcl

Magnolia Park Northeast Reside

Magnolia Park Southeast B

Magnolia Park Southeast D

Magnolia Park Southwest G

Magnolia Trails

Mallory Square A Condo

Manchester 1 Condo Ph

Manchester 1 Condominium Phase C

Manchester Iii Condo

Manchester Iii Condo Pha

Manchester Iv Condo

Mandarin Lakes

Mandolin Ph 1


Mango Groves Unit 2

Mango Hills

Mango Hills Add 1

Manhattan Manor 03

Manhattan Manor 3

Manhattan Manor Rev

Manhattan Palms Condo

Manhattan Park

Manhattan Terrace

Manhattan-Humphrey Twnhms U

Mannhurst Oak Manors

Manor Heights

Manor Hills Sub

Manor Oaks Sub

Manors At White Trout Lake

Manors/Forest Glen

Marbella Terrace Twnhms

Margaret Anne 2nd Revision

Margaret Anne Sub Revi


Marina Village

Mariner Cay A Condo

Mariner Estates

Mariners Cay

Marsh Pointe

Martin Estates Minor Sub

Martindale Tourist Park

Martindales Sub

Maryland Manor 2nd Unit

Maryland Manor Rev

Mason Oaks

Masons Subdivision

Mathews Add To Seffner


Maxwell Acres

Mayday Oaks

Mays Add

Mc Clung Berry Sub 2

Mc Davids East Seminole Subdi

Mc Knights Sub

Mcelroy Avenue Townhomes

Mcgrath Platted Sub

Mcintosh Groves

Mcintosh Oaks

Meadow By Lake Leta


Meadowbrooke At Summerfield Un



Meadowlark Manor Condo

Meadowood Condo Village

Meadowood Oaks

Meadowood Village 9 Of Meadowo

Mecca City

Medford Lakes Ph 1

Medford Lakes Ph 2a

Melouga Preserve

Melville Twnhms

Mendels Resub

Mendels Resub Of Bloc


Mia Bella

Michigan Heights

Midway Gardens

Midway Heights

Midwest Sub

Midwest Sub Corr

Mills Bayou

Minor Surv

Mira Lago

Mira Lago West

Mira Lago West Ph 01

Mira Lago West Ph 1

Mira Lago West Ph 2a

Mira Lago West Ph 2b

Mira Lago West Ph 3


Mirabay Parcel 5b

Mirabay Parcels 21 & 23

Mirabay Ph 1a

Mirabay Ph 1b-1 2a-1 3b-1

Mirabay Ph 1b-1/2a-1/3b-1

Mirabay Ph 1b-2

Mirabay Ph 2a-2

Mirabay Ph 2a-3

Mirabay Ph 2a-4

Mirabay Ph 3a-1

Mirabay Ph 3b-2

Mirabay Ph 3c-1

Mirabay Ph 3c-2

Mirabay Ph 3c-3

Mirabay Phase 1b-12a-13b-1

Mirabay Prcl 22

Mirabay Prcl 5b


Missouri Park

Misty Glen

Misty Ridge Sub


Molly Cannon Sub

Monaco Gardens Unit One

Montana City

Montana Heights

Monte Carlo Towers A Condomini

Montero Village

Montreaux Ph 1

Montreux Ph 01

Moore's Sub Of Part Of Gov Lot 1 Section

Moores Sub

Moores Sub Of Pt Of

Mora Sub

Mora Subdivision

Morales Platted

Moran Groves

Morey Heights

Morganwoods Garden Hms Un 3


Morrison Grove Sub

Moss Landing Ph 3

Mustique Bay

N Hyde Park/Soho Area


Nantucket I Condo Ph

Nantucket Iii

Nantucket V Condo

Nassau Pt Th Heritage Is Ph 1

Native Woods

Nature Terrace Twnhms

Near Bay Sub

Nebraska Ave Heights

Nebraska East Rev Map Of

Nebraska Heights

Nebraska Heights South

Nelms Heights

Nelms Sub

Nelms Subdivision

Nesmith Country Estates


Netherland Subdivision

New Suburb Beautiful

New Triad Twnhms Of Carroll

Newnan Sub

Nine Eagles Unit One Sec I

Norma Park Sub

Normandee Heights

Norris Sub

North Bay Village Condo

North Blvd Sub

North Bon Air

North Campobello

North End Terrace

North Hill Sub

North Lakes Sec B Unit

North Lakes Sec F Unit 3

North Lakes Section G

North New Sub

North New Suburb Beautiful

North Park

North Park Annex

North Pointe Unit Ii

North Pointe Unit Iii

North Ridge Estates

North Tampa Acreage

North Tampa Heights

North Tampa Land Cos

Northbridge At Lake Pretty

Northdale Golf Clb Sec D Un 2

Northdale Sec A Unit 1

Northdale Sec A Unit 2

Northdale Sec A Unit 3

Northdale Sec A Unit 4

Northdale Sec B Unit 2

Northdale Sec B Unit 6

Northdale Sec B Unit I

Northdale Sec C Unit 01

Northdale Sec E Unit 5

Northdale Sec E Unit I

Northdale Sec F Unit 2

Northdale Sec G Unit 3

Northdale Sec L

Northdale Section B Unit 1 Lot 4 Block 12


Northgate Ph 2

Northlake Village

Northlake Village Lot 22

Northpointe At Bayshore

Northview Terrace Sub

Oak Bridge Run A Condo

Oak Creek Prcl 1a

Oak Creek Prcl 1b

Oak Creek Prcl 1c-1

Oak Creek Prcl 1c-2

Oak Creek Prcl 2 Unit 2a

Oak Creek Prcl 2 Unit 2b

Oak Creek Prcl 3

Oak Creek Prcl 8 Ph 1

Oak Creek Prcl H-H

Oak Forest Sub

Oak Glen Sub

Oak Grove Sub Unit 1

Oak Heights

Oak Hill

Oak Knoll

Oak Knoll A Condo

Oak Park Heights

Oak Reserve

Oak Ridge Terrace

Oak Terrace Rev Of


Oakdale Riverview Estates Unit




Oakland Hills

Oakland Park Corr Map

Oakley Green Condo


Oakmont Park

Oakmont Reserve Ph 1

Oaks At Riverview

Oaks At Shady Creek Ph 1

Oaks At Valrico

Oaks At Valrico Ph 2

Oaks At Valrico Phase 2

Oakview Estates Ph 01

Oakview Estates Ph Three

Oakwood Forest Sub

Oakwood Reserve

Oakwood Terrace Twnhms Phas

Oakwood Villa

Ohio Colony Companys Add

Oks Crenshaw Acres

Old Memorial Sub Ph

Old Memorial Sub Ph 2

Old Seminole Heights, N Of Hanna, E Of I-75

Oldsmar Farm 04

Oldsmar Farm Plat 4 30 28 17 Lot 16

Omar Sub

Orange Court Sub

Orange Grove Estates

Orange Hill Heights West

Orange Villa

Orangewood Manor

Orens Acres


Oryans Pt On Half Moon Lake

Osborne Ave Sub

Oscawana A Resub Of Bl

Oscawana Blocks 1 Thru 6

Osprey Lakes

Osprey Landing

Osprey Run Twnhms Ph 1

Osprey Run Twnhms Ph 1a

Oxford Place At Tampa Palms

Oxford Place At Tampa Palms A

Oxford Place At Tampa Palms A Condo


Paddock Manor

Palm Bay Ph 1

Palm Grove

Palm Ranch Town Homes

Palm Ranch Townhomes

Palm River Twnhms Ph 1

Palm River Village

Palm Sub Rev Map

Palm Sub Revised Map

Palma Ceia Area W Of Macdill

Palma Ceia Gardens Condo

Palma Ceia Park

Palma Ceia Pines

Palma Vista At Tampa Palms

Palmera Pointe

Palmetto Cove

Palms Of Beach Park A Condo

Panther Trace

Panther Trace Ph 02a-2 Un 01

Panther Trace Ph 1 Townhome

Panther Trace Ph 1a

Panther Trace Ph 1b/1c

Panther Trace Ph 2a-1

Panther Trace Ph 2a-2 Unit

Panther Trace Ph 2b-3

Par Meadows Platted

Paradise Oaks

Park Brook Of Citrus Park

Park City 2nd Sec

Park Comm Sub

Park Creek Ph 1b

Park Creek Ph 4b

Park Crk Ph 1b

Park Crk Ph 4b

Park Place

Park Place Add

Parkbrook Of Citrus Park

Parkcrest Harbour Island Condo


Parkland Estates

Parkland Estates Rev

Parkside Village

Parkview Estates Rev

Parkway Bus Center At Oak Creek Prcl 05

Parkway Center Single Family P

Parkway Estates

Parkwood Manor

Parnell's Subdivision

Parnells Sub

Parrish Sub

Parrish Subdivision

Parsons Pointe Ph 1unit B

Parsons Pointe Ph 2 Unit A

Parsons Woods Ph 2

Partrick & Sweet Sub

Pat Acres 1st Add

Patsy Acres

Paula Drive Professional Condo

Peace River

Pebble Creek Condo Villa

Pebble Creek Village 8

Pebble Creek Village Unit 2

Pebble Creek Village Unit 5

Pebble Creek Village Unit No 5

Pebble Creek Villg Unit 13


Peddy & Hackney Sub

Pelican Island Unit 2

Pelican Point

Pemberton Creek Sub Se

Pena Surv

Peninsula Heights

Peppermill At Providence Lakes

Peppermill Ii At Providence La

Pershing Park

Peru Sub

Phipps Platted


Picnic Acres

Pierce Sub

Pietro Residence Resub

Pine Crest Manor Unit 2

Pine Crest Villa Add 4

Pine Crest Villa Add 5

Pine Crest Villa Addition No 4

Pine Grove Reserve

Pine Lake Sec B Unit One

Pine Lawn Terrace

Pine Meadows Sub

Pinebrooke Bus Park Ph

Pinecrest Villa

Pinecrest Villa Add 2

Pinecrest Villa Add 3

Pinehurst North

Pinehurst Park

Pinelake Office Park A Condomi

Piney Oaks Estates Ph One

Piney Woods Add

Pizzolato & Manicchia

Place At Channelside

Place At Channelside A Con

Place At Channelside A Condo

Place One A Condo

Plant City Rev Map


Plantation Oaks

Plaza Harbour Island A Condo

Pocket 84 Minor

Poinsettia Park

Poinsettia Place

Poinsettia Village

Point Heron

Pond Eddy Sub

Pond Eddy Sub Unit 2

Pons Map

Poplin Acres

Port Royal At Harbour Island Ph 01

Port Tampa City

Port Tampa City Map

Port Tampa Communities Sub

Portsmith Condo

Post Office Plaza

Post Shores

Powells Add

Prescott & Fitzgeralds 1st A

Preserve At Fishhawk Ranch Pahse 1

Preserve At Riverview

Presidential Manor

Princess Park 1

Princess Park No 1

Princeton A Condo


Progress Village Unit 01

Progress Village Unit 1

Progress Village Unit 2

Prospect Place

Provence Twnhms At Waterchase

Providence Lakes Prcl P

Providence Lakes Unit 1

Providence Lakes Unit Iv Ph

Providence Reserve

Providence Twnhms Ph 1

Providence Twnhms Ph 3

Quail Run

Quail Run Ph Iv A Condo

Quail Run Ph V A Condo

Quail Run Ph Vii A Condo

Quarter At Ybor

R & J

Radison 01 Condo

Raintree Manor Homes Condomini

Raintree Terrace Sub W

Raintree Village Condo N

Ralston Beach Manor Unit 3

Ranch Lands

Ranch Road Groves

Ranch Road Groves Unit 1b 2a

Ranch Road Groves Unit 2b

Randalls Add

Randalls Rev Sub

Rankin & Dekle

Rau Acres Unit 01

Raulerson Estates North

Ravinia Ph 1

Ravinia Ph 2

Reflections Ph 1

Regency Cove A Cooperative

Rego Palms

Reina Victoria

Reolds Farm 01

Reolds Frm Plt 1 19 20 29

Replat Of Bellefonte

Reserve At Paradera Ph 3

Reserve At Pradera Ph 1a

Reserve At Pradera Ph 1b

Reserve At Pradera Phase 1a

Reserve At Pradera Phase 1b

Reserve At Pradera Phase 3

Reserve At South Fork

Reserve Athampton Lakes

Retreat At Carrollwood

Revised Of Rodney Johnson


Rhoades Wood Acres

Rice Creek Estates

Richardsons Village Subdivisi

Richmond Place Ph 1

Richmond Place Ph 4

Ridge Crest Sub Unit 3


Ridgeland Ranch Sub Rev Map Of

Ridgewood Estates

Rini Ranch

Rio Altos

Rio Vista

River Bend Ph 1a

River Bend Ph 1b

River Bend Ph 3a

River Bend Ph 4b

River Forest Estates

River Grove Estates Add

River Grove Estates Second Add

River Haven Estates Subdivisio

River Hills

River Hills / Fairway 01

River Hills / Fairway One

River Hills Country Club Parce

River Hills Country Club Ph

River Hills Country Club Ph 01

River Hills/Fairway One

River Oaks Condo I

River Rapids Sub

River Ridge Reserve

River Run Unit Ii

River Walk

Riverbend Manor

Riverbend Sub

Riverbend West Ph 1

Riverbend West Ph 2


Rivercrest Ph 1a

Rivercrest Ph 1b1

Rivercrest Ph 2 Prcl K An

Rivercrest Ph 2 Prcl N

Rivercrest Ph 2 Prcl O An

Rivercrest Ph 2b1

Rivercrest Ph 2b2/2c

Riverdale Sub Ph 3a

Riverglen Unit 2

Riverglen Units 5 6 & 7 Phas

Riverleaf At Bloomingdale

Riverleaf At Bloomingdale Lot 33

Riverplace Sub

Riverranch Preserve

Riverranch Preserve Ph 3


Riverside Bluffs

Riverside Estates

Riverside Estates 14 Page

Riverside First Add

Riverside North

Riverview Heights

Riverview Lakes

Riverview Meadows Ph 2

Riverview Meadows Phase1a

Riverwalk At Waterside Island

Riverwoods Hammock

Roberts Horatio N

Robinson Farms

Robles Heights

Robles Sub

Robles Sub 2

Rockpointe Patio Homes

Rocky Creek Estates

Rocky Point Village Unit 4

Rocky River Sites

Rolling Green Village

Rolling Meadows

Rose Sub

Rosebury Park


Rosedale North

Rosemount Village Unit Ii

Rosemount Village Unit Iii

Ross & Randalls Add To

Rouths Egypt Lake Homesites

Rubensteins Sub

Rubensteins Sub Revis

Ruskin City Map

Ruskin City Map Of

Ruskin Colony Farms

Ruskin Colony Farms 1st Extens

Ruskin Colony Farms 2nd Extens

Ruskin Colony Farms 3rd Add

Ruskin Colony Farms First Extention

Ruskin Inlet

Ruskin Tomato Farms

S And W Of Plant City/Walden Lake Area

Sabal Indust Park Ph 02 Rep

Sabal Key Unit 2

Sagamore Trace


Sailport Resort Condo On

Sailport Resort Condo On Bay Ph

Salmon Sub

Samples E E Sub

San Marco Twnhms

San Marino Bay Condo 06

San Marino Bay Condo 3

San Marino Bay Condo 4

San Marino Bay Condominium Association 7 Phase 3

San Orludo

Sanctuary At Carrollwood

Sanctuary On Livingston

Sanctuary On Livingston Ph

Sanctuary On Livingston Ph 03

Sanctuary On Livingston Ph 05

Sanctuary On Livingstone Ph

Sanctuary On Livingstone Ph Ii

Sanctuary Ph 1

Sanctuary Ph 3

Sand Ridge Estates

Sanson Park Unit 2

Sapphire Lake Ranchitos

Savannah Landings Twnhms

Savannah Trace I A Condom

Saylor Estates

Saylor Ranch

Scarboro Minor


Schooner Cove A Condo Ph 16

Schooner Cove A Condo Ph 35

Se Valrico & Lumsden N Of Durant Rd

Seabron Sub

Seddon Cove A Condo

Seddon Cove A Condo Phas


Seffner Ridge Estates Unit

Seivers Sub

Sellhorn Surv For A Minor

Seminole Crest Add

Seminole Heights North

Seminole Heights South East

Seminole Lake Estates

Senours J F Resub


Settlers Pointe Sec A Un 3

Seven Palms Twnhs

Seville Apts A Condomini

Shadow Run

Shadow Run Unit 1

Shadow Run Unit 2

Shady Creek Preserve Ph 1

Shady Lake Shores

Shagos Bay

Shangri La Ii Sub Phas

Shell Point 1st Add To

Shell Point Rd

Sheridan Sub

Sheridan Woods A Condo

Sheron Lee Estates



Shore Colony Condo

Sico Sub

Sidney Highlands

Siena Villas At Beach Park A C

Silvan Sub

Silver Bluff Estates Subdivisi

Silver Forrest

Silver Lake Estates

Simmons Crystal Lake

Sito Sub

Skypoint A

Skypoint A Condo

Small Farms

Smith Viola

Smith Viola Rev Map

Snows Add Unit 1

Solitude Platted

Somerset Park A Condo

Somerset Tr A-1

Somerset Tr A-2

Somerset Tr C

Somerset Tr E

Sonoma Heights

South Bay Lakes Unit 1

South Bay Lakes Unit 2

South Brandon Area N Of Lumsden

South Cove Ph 1

South Cove Sub Ph 4

South Fork

South Fork #L Ph 1

South Fork #L Ph 2

South Fork Barrington

South Fork Tr L Ph 1

South Fork Tr M

South Fork Tr N

South Fork Tr O Ph 1

South Fork Tr P Ph 1a &

South Fork Tr Q Ph 1

South Fork Unit 1

South Fork Unit 10

South Fork Unit 11

South Fork Unit 2

South Fork Unit 3

South Fork Unit 4

South Fork Unit 5

South Fork Unit 6

South Fork Unit 8

South Fork Unit 9

South Fork- Barrington

South Hampton

South Hillsborough Commerce Ce

South Lake Shores

South Plant City Farms

South Pointe Ph 2a 2b

South Pointe Ph 5

South Pointe Ph 6

South Tampa Sub

South Tampa Villa Sites

South Westshore Twnhms

Southampton Ii Condo

Southern Acres

Southern Comfort Homes Unit


Southfork Lakes


Southgate North Side Country Club Area Unit 01

Southgate Phase1/2

Southgreen Sub



Southshore Bay

Southshore Falls

Southshore Falls Ph 02

Southshore Falls Ph 1

Southshore Falls Ph 2

Southshore Yacht Club

Southwood Estates

Sparkman Heights

Speedway Park Unit 2

Sperry Grove Estates Rev P

Spicola Prcl At Heritage Isl

Spillers Sub

Spinnaker Cove Ph I Sec

Spinnaker Cove Townhomes

Spinnaker Cove Twnhms

Spitler Park Unit 1

Spring Hill Add Corr

Spring Hill Sub

Springfield Sub

Spyglass At River Bend

St Andrews At Eagles Unit 2-A

St Andrews At The Eagles Un 1

St Charles Place Ph 1

St Cloud Landings

Stanford Estates

Starling At Fishhawk Ph 1b-2

Starling At Fishhawk Ph 2c-1

Starling At Fishhawk Ranch

Starling Oaks

State Hwy Farms


Sterling Ranch Unts 7 8 & 9

Stevensons Add

Stillwater Ph 01

Stillwater Ph 02

Stillwater Ph 1

Stockwell Platted

Stone Hedge Sub


Stonebrier Ph 1

Stonebrier Ph 2a-Partial Re


Stonelake Ranch

Stonelake Ranch - Ph 4

Stonelake Ranch Ph 01

Stonelake Ranch Ph 02

Stonelake Ranch Ph 1

Stonelake Ranch Ph 1 Partial Replat 3

Stonelake Ranch Ph 2

Stonelake Ranch Ph 3

Stonelake Ranch Ph B-4 B-5 C


Stonewood Sub

Stoney Point Sub

Stoney Point Subdivision A Replat

Stovall On Bayshore Condo


Strawberry Square A Cooperative

Strawberry Terrace South

Stuart Grove

Stuart Grove Rev Plan Of

Suarez Sub Unit 2

Subdivision Of The E 2804 Ft Of Gov Lots 2 And 3

Subdivision Of Tracts 11 & 1

Suburb Royal

Sugarwood Grove

Sulphur Spgs

Sulphur Spgs Add

Sulphur Springs Add

Sultana Glade

Summer Gate Townhomes

Summer Spgs

Summerfield Crossings

Summerfield Crossings Village

Summerfield Village

Summerfield Village 01 Tr 11 Ph 03 04

Summerfield Village 01 Tr 27 Ph 03

Summerfield Village 1 Tr 10

Summerfield Village 1 Tr 11

Summerfield Village 1 Tr 17

Summerfield Village 1 Tr 2

Summerfield Village 1 Tr 21

Summerfield Village 1 Tr 26

Summerfield Village 1 Tr 28

Summerfield Village 1 Tr 32

Summerfield Village 1 Tr 7

Summerfield Village 1 Tract 18

Summerfield Village I Tr 27

Summerfield Village I Tr 30

Summerfield Village Ii Tr 3

Summerfield Villg 1 Trct 18

Summerfield Villg 1 Trct 9a

Summerset At Southfork

Summerview Oaks Sub

Summerwood At Oak Creek

Sun City Center Phase Ii

Sun City Center Siena 2b

Sun City Center Unit 150 Ph

Sun City Center Unit 154

Sun City Center Unit 155 Phase

Sun City Center Unit 157

Sun City Center Unit 158 Ph

Sun City Center Unit 162 Ph

Sun City Center Unit 163

Sun City Center Unit 186

Sun City Center Unit 251

Sun City Center Unit 253 Ph 02

Sun City Center Unit 255

Sun City Center Unit 257 Ph

Sun City Center Unit 260

Sun City Center Unit 262 Ph 01

Sun City Center Unit 263

Sun City Center Unit 267

Sun City Center Unit 270

Sun City Center Unit 274 & 2

Sun City Center Unit 274 & 275 Lot 40 Block 4

Sun City Center Unit 274 And 275

Sun City Center Unit 277 Ph

Sun City Center Unit 277 Ph 11 Lot 27

Sun City Center Unit 32

Sun City Center Unit 32b

Sun City Center Unit 35

Sun City Center Unit 40

Sun City Center Unit 44 A

Sun City Center Unit 45

Sun City Center Unit 45 1st Ad

Sun City Center Unit 46

Sun City Center Unit 47

Sun City Center Unit 48

Sun City Center Unit 49

Sun City Center Unit 52

Sun City Ross Add

Sun Lakes Sub


Sundance Trails Ph 1a & 1b

Sundance Trails Ph Iia Iib

Sundance Unit 03

Sundance Unit 04

Sundance Unit 4

Sunridge Of Tampa Bay A Condo

Sunridge Of Tampa Bay A Condom

Sunrise Villas Of Tampa

Sunset Bay Twnhms

Sunset Lane Park Sub

Sunset Park

Sunset Park Isles Un 4

Sunset Park Isles Unit 04

Sunset Park Isles Unit 3

Sunset Park Isles Unit 4

Sunset Park Isles Unit 5

Sunset Preserve

Sunshine Village

Sunshine Village Ph 1b-2

Sunshine Village Ph 2

Surfside Estates Ph 1 Minor

Susan Sanders Sub

Sutton Estates

Suwanee Heights

Swan Cove

Sweetwater Oaks Ii A Condominium

Sweetwater Sub

Sydney Oaks

Sylvan Crossing

Symphony Isles Unit 01

Symphony Isles Unit 05

Symphony Isles Unit Five

Symphony Isles Unit One

Symphony Isles Unit Three

Symphony Isles Unit Two

Syrup Kettle

Takomah Trail Sub Repl


Talavera Subdivision

Tall Pines First Add

Tampa Gardens

Tampa Overlook

Tampa Palms 2 B Unit 1

Tampa Palms 2c Unit 2

Tampa Palms 4a Unit 01

Tampa Palms 4a Unit 1

Tampa Palms 5c Unit 1

Tampa Palms Area 02 Unit 7d

Tampa Palms Area 04

Tampa Palms Area 2 5c Unit 2a

Tampa Palms Area 2 7e Unit 2

Tampa Palms Area 2 Unit 5b

Tampa Palms Area 3 Prcl 38

Tampa Palms Area 3 Prcl 39

Tampa Palms Area 4 Parcel 16

Tampa Palms Area 4 Parcel 21 Replat

Tampa Palms Area 4 Prcl 20

Tampa Palms Area 4 Prcl 21 R

Tampa Palms Unit 1b

Tampa Palms Unit 3b A Rep

Tampa Palms- Stafford Place

Tampa Shores 1 Un 1 Rep

Tampa Shores Inc #1 Un 1a Rep

Tampa Shores Inc 1 Unit 2

Tampa Shores Inc 1 Unit 3

Tampa Shores Unit 7

Tampa Technology Park West Prcl

Tampa Tourist Club

Tampa Villas South Unit 1

Tampa's North Side Country Club Area Unit No 1

Tampas North Side Cntry Cl

Tampas North Side Country Clu

Tampas North Side Country Club Area Unit

Tampas Northside Country Club

Tangerine Hill

Tanglewood Preserve

Tanglewood Preserve Ph 2

Tanner Place


Temple Crest

Temple Crest Unit 01

Temple Crest Unit 03

Temple Crest Unit 1

Temple Crest Unit 3

Temple Park Unit 2

Temple Park Unit 9

Temple Terrace Area West

Temple Terrace Estates

Temple Terrace Estates Rep

Temple Terrace Estates Sec 22

Temple Terrace Gardens 3

Temple Terrace Hills

Temple Terraces

Temple Valley Estates Sub

Terra Nova Rev Map

Terrace Gables

Terrace Highlands

Terrace Oaks Twnhms

Terrace Palms Condo

Terrace Palms Condos

Terrace Park Sub

Terrace Park Sub Unit

Terrace Park Unit 4

Terrace Park Unit 5 Rev

Terrace River Ph 2

Terrace Village

Terry Park

Terry Park Ext

Tevalo Hills Unit 1

The Alagon On Bayshore A Condo

The Carlisle Club

The Condomin F Sunset Park

The Depot Platted Sub

The District

The Dryden Estates

The Eagles

The Estates At Bullfrog Creek

The Estates At White Trout Lak

The Exchange At Westshore

The Falls At New Tampa A Condo

The Grand Reserve Condo

The Grandview A Condo

The Greens Of Townn Country

The Hammock Ii Unrec Sub

The Hamptons At Brandon A Condo

The Highlands At Hunter's Gree

The Highlands At Hunter's Green

The Highlands At Hunters Gree

The Highlands At Hunters Green

The Knolls Of Kings Point Ii A

The Knolls Of Kings Point Phas

The Lakes At Van Dyke Farms

The Landings Of Tampa A Condom

The Lofts

The Lofts Condo

The Madison At Soho Ii Condo

The Manors At Crystal Lakes

The Manors At White Trout Lake

The Marina Club Of Tampa A Con

The Marina Club Of Tampa Build

The Meridian

The Oaks

The Oaks At Busch

The Oaks Unit 1 A Condo

The Orchids At Cypress Creek

The Paddocks At Van Dyke Farm

The Park On Bayshore

The Pinnacle Apartments A Cond

The Pinnacle Apts A Condo

The Place At Channelside A Con

The Plaza Harbour Island A Con

The Preserve At South Tampa A

The Promenade At Lake Park

The Promenade Twnhms At Wes

The Quarter At Ybor

The Reserve Of Old Tampa Bay

The Retreat

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary At Carrollwood

The Stovall On Bayshore Condom

The Tampa Racquet Club A Condo

The Towers At Carrollwood Vill

The Twnhms At Kensington Ph

The Valencia In Old Hyde Park

The Villas At Twin Lakes

The Villas Condo

The Vineyard A Condo

The Ybor City Bus Condo

Thelma Varn Chapman Acres

Theresa Arbor

Thomas D L Sub

Thomas J S

Thomas S P Add

Thomas Wayne Sub

Thousand Oaks Executive Estate

Tiki Bay Condo

Tilsen Manor Blks 2 3 4 5 6 8

Timber Creek

Timber Pond Sub Unit 2

Timberlane Sub Unit 3a

Timberlane Sub Unit 4

Timberlane Sub Unit 7b

Timberlane Subdivision Unit No 7a


Tomberlin Groves

Tomlinson Acres

Tomlinsons Acres Platted

Top Of The Village

Toscana At Renaissance A Condo

Toscana Ii At Renaissance A Co



Toulon Ph 1

Towers Of Channelside Condo

Towers Of Channelside Condomin

Town & Country Prof Condo

Town Of Citrus Park

Townhomes At Compass Pointe

Townhomes At Parkside

Townhomes At Pelican Pointe

Townhomes At Turtle Creek

Townhomes Of Bay Port Colony

Townhomes Of Country Run Ph

Townhomes Of Deleon

Townn Country Park Sc 9 Un 11

Townn Country Park Sc 9 Un 13a

Townn Country Park Sec 9 Un 03

Townn Country Park Sec 9 Un 07

Townn Country Park Sec 9 Un 10

Townn Country Park Un 03

Townn Country Park Un 08

Townn Country Park Un 18

Townn Country Park Un 20

Townn Country Park Un 23

Townn Country Park Un 32

Townn Country Park Unit 17a

Townn Country Park Unit 28

Townn Country Park Unit 31

Townn Country Park Unit 34

Townn Country Park Unit 36

Townn Country Park Unit 60

Tract 80 Estates

Tradewinds 3rd Add

Trails At Durant

Trapnell Ridge

Trask E B

Treehouses At Mohr Loop

Tremont At Bay Park

Tremont I Condo


Tri Canal Estates

Tri Canal Estates Unit 1

Triple Creek

Triple Creek Ph 2 Village E

Triple Creek Ph 2 Village F

Triple Creek Ph 3 Village K

Triple Creek Ph 3 Villg L

Triple Creek Phase 1 Village A

Triple Lakes Subdivision Lot 13

Tropical Acres South

Tropical Acres South Unit 3

Tropical Acres South Unit 4

Tropical Acres South Unit 5a

Tropical Acres Unit 2

Tropical Acres Unit 5

Tudor Cay Condo

Turkey Creek

Turman's East Ybor

Turmans East Ybor

Turnberry At The Eagles

Turtle Creek Unit 1

Turtle Crossing Sub

Tuscany  Bay West

Tuscany Bay

Tuscany Sub At Tampa P

Tuscany Sub At Tampa Palms

Tuxedo Park

Twin Branch Acres Unit Five

Twin Branch Acres Unit Three

Twin Branch Acres Unit Two

Twin Creeks

Twin Creeks Ph 1 & 2

Twin Lakes Parcels A2 & B2

Twin Lakes Parcels D1 D3 & E

Uceta Heights

Uceta Pines

Umbargers Pltd Sub

Unity Circle




Valencia Del Sol

Valencia Del Sol Phase 1

Valencia Lakes

Valencia Lakes #J Ph 1

Valencia Lakes #N

Valencia Lakes Ph 02

Valencia Lakes Ph 1

Valencia Lakes Ph 2

Valencia Lakes Tr C

Valencia Lakes Tr H Ph 1

Valencia Lakes Tr H Ph 2

Valencia Lakes Tr I

Valencia Lakes Tr J Ph 1

Valencia Lakes Tr J Ph 2

Valencia Lakes Tr K

Valencia Lakes Tr M

Valencia Lakes Tr Mm Ph

Valencia Lakes Tr N

Valencia Lakes Tr P

Valencia Lakes Track K Lot 13


Valhalla Ph 01-2

Valhalla Ph 1-2

Valhalla Ph 3-4

Valhalla Phase 1-2


Valrico Groves

Valrico Lake Estates First Add

Valrico Manor Unit I

Valrico Woodland Platted

Van Dyke Estates

Van Sant Sub

Veneto Shores


Ventana A Condo

Ventana Groves

Ventana Groves Phase 1

Ventana North Ph 1

Ventana Ph 3

Ventura Bay Twnhms

Verdier Park

Victoria Terrace A Condo

Vieux Carre Condo

Views At North Hyde Park

Villa Di Treviso

Villa Querica Twnhms

Villa Serena A Condo

Villa Serena A Condominium

Villa Sonoma At International

Villa St Louis

Village Gate Of Hyde Park A Co

Village Towers Condo

Village Xiv Of Carrollwood Village

Village Xix Of Carrollwood Village

Village Xxi Of Carrollwood Village

Villages Of Bloomingdale Condo

Villages Of Bloomingdale Phase 1

Villages Of Lake St Charles Ph

Villarosa F

Villarosa I

Villarosa N

Villarosa O

Villarosa Ph 1a

Villarosa Ph 1b2

Villarosa Ph 2

Villarosa Ph F

Villarosa Ph G

Villas At Carrollwood

Villas Condo

Villas Condominium

Villas Del Lago

Villas Of Horatio Twnhms

Villas On The Green A Condomin

Villeroy Condo

Vine Park

Virage Bayshore

Virginia Park

Virginia Park/Maryland

Virginia Terrace

Vista Cay

Vista Palms

Vuorio Estates

W E Hamners Forest Acres

W E Hamners Horseshoe Acres

W E Hamners Wonderland Acres

W E Hamners Wonderland Acres Add 03

Waco Sub

Wade Surv For A Minor Sub

Walden Lake

Walden Lake Sub Un 1

Walden Lake Tr 55 Industria

Walden Lake Unit 12

Walden Lake Unit 15b

Walden Lake Unit 17 Ph 2

Walden Lake Unit 20

Walden Lake Unit 27 Ph 2 Se

Walden Lake Unit 30 Ph 01 Sec D

Walden Lake Unit 30 Ph 1 Se

Walden Lake Unit 30 Ph 11 Sec C

Walden Lake Unit 30 Ph I Se

Walden Lake Unit 30 Ph Iii

Walden Lake Unit 33 2 Ph B

Walden Lake Unit 33 2 Phase A Lot 10 Block 2

Walden Lake Unit 33 4

Walden Lake Unit 33 5

Walden Lake Unit 34 35

Walden Lake Unit 37 Pha

Walden Lake Unit 42

Walden Pointe

Walden Reserve

Walden Woods Rep

Walden Woods Single Family

Walden Woods Unit 02 Ph 01

Wallcraft Rev Map

Waller Acres

Walls Subdivision

Warner Sub

Warren & Keyes

Washington Park

Wastena Estates

Watch Hill

Water Oak Sub


Waterchase Ph 02

Waterchase Ph 1

Waterchase Ph 2

Waterchase Ph 3

Waterchase Ph 4

Waterchase Ph 5

Waterchase Ph 6

Waterford On The Alafia


Waterleaf Ph 1a

Waterleaf Ph 2c

Waterleaf Ph 4a-2 4a-3 &

Waterleaf Ph 4b

Waterleaf Ph 5a

Watermill 03 At Providence Lakes

Watermill At Providence Lakes


Waterset Ph 1b

Waterset Ph 2a

Waterset Ph 2c-2

Waterset Ph 2c1-1/2c1 2

Waterset Ph 2c1-1/2c1-2

Waterset Ph 2c3-3 / 2c3-4

Waterset Ph 3a-1 & Waterset

Waterset Ph 3a-3 & Covington G

Waterset Ph 3b-1

Waterset Ph 3b-2

Waterset Ph 3c-1

Waterset Ph 4 Tr 21

Waterset Phase 2c-2

Waterset Phase 2d

Waterset Phase 3b-2

Waterset Phase 3c-1

Waterset Phase 4 South

Waterset Phase 5a-1

Waterset Phase 5a-2a

Waterside Condo I

Waterside Estates


Waterstone Lakes Ph 2

Watkins Sub

Watrous Gardens Rev

Watrous H J 2nd Add To West

Watrous Place Twnhs

Watrous Rev Map

Watrous Sub 2

Watson Glen Ph 02

Watson Glen Ph 2

Waverly Village

Wedgewood Twnhms

Weiland Sub

Wellington Manor Ph 2

Wellington Manors

Wellington North At Bay Park


Wellswood Estates Unit 2

Wellswood Sec A

Wellswood Sec B

Wellswood Sec C

Wellswood Sec G

West Bay Ph 1

West Bay Ph Ii A & B

West Bay Ph Iv

West Green Estates

West Hampton

West Highlands

West Lake Twnhms Ph 1

West Lake Twnhms Ph 2

West Land

West Mdws Prcl 5 Ph 2

West Meadows Parcels 12a 12b-1

West Meadows Ph 02

West Meadows Prcl 11b

West Meadows Prcl 20a Ph

West Meadows Prcl 20c Ph

West Meadows Prcl 5 Ph 2

West Meadows Prcl 6 Ph 1

West Meadows Prcls 21 & 22

West Naples

West North Tampa

West Park Estates Unit 2

West Park Estates Unit 3 Re

West Park Estates Unit 4

West Pinecrest

West Pines Rev Map

West Plant City Farms Unit

West Plant City Strawberry Farms

West Suwanee Heights

West Tampa

West Tampa Heights


Westchase - Village Green

Westchase - West Park Village

Westchase Sec 110

Westchase Sec 115

Westchase Sec 201

Westchase Sec 203

Westchase Sec 211

Westchase Sec 221

Westchase Sec 225,227,229

Westchase Sec 305 & 306a

Westchase Sec 307

Westchase Sec 323

Westchase Sec 324

Westchase Sec 325a

Westchase Sec 326 D-3

Westchase Sec 373 & 411

Westchase Sec 374

Westchase Sec 375

Westchase Sec 430a

Westchase Sections 302 & 304

Westchester Ph 1

Westchester Ph 3


Westminster Manor Townhomes

Westminster Sub

Westshore Club 02 A Condo

Westshore Club Ii A Condominiu

Westshore Townhomes

Westshore Village Twnhms

Westshore Yacht Club / Casa Bahia

Westshore Yacht Club Ph 2 P

Westshore Yacht Club Phase 1 Lot 2 Block 16


Westwood Greens A Condo

Westwood Lakes Ph 1a

Westwood Lakes Ph 1b

Westwood Lakes Ph 2a Un 1

Wetherington Oaks

Wexford Green

Wexford Twnhms

Wheeler Crossings

Whisper Cove

Whisper Lake A Condo

Whisper Sound

Whispering Oaks

Whispering Woods Ph 2 & Pha

Whitaker Preserve

White Trout Manor

Whiteway Terrace Villas A Condo

Wiggins Estates

Wilder Ridge

Wilderness Crossings First Add

Wilderness Crossings Platted

Wildewood Village Subdivision

Williams Crossing

Willowbrae Village

Wills G B Sub


Wilma Farms

Wilma North

Wilma South

Wilma South 1st Add

Wilma South 2nd Add

Wimauma Town Of Rev Map

Windcrest Commons

Windemere Unit I

Windsor Place At Citrus Park P

Winifred Park

Wisconsin Ave Townhomes

Wisconsin Ave Twnhms

Wisharts Rep


Wolf Branch Sub

Wood Grove


Woodberry Prcl B & C Ph

Woodbery Estates

Woodbriar Village Unit 2

Woodbridge At Rocky Creek

Woodham Farms


Woodland Park Acres

Woodland Preserve

Woodmont Ph 2

Woods Of Eden Rock Unit 1


Wyatt Acres


Wyndham Lake Sub Ph One

Wyndham Lake Subdivision

Wynnmere East Ph 1

Wynnmere East Ph 2

Wynnmere West

Wynnmere West Ph 1

Wynnmere West Ph 2 & 3

Wynnmere West Phase 1

Wynnmere West Phase 1/ Chatham Walk

Wynnmere West Phase 2


Yardarm Condominium Phase I

Ybor & Cos Sub

Ybor City

Ybor City Plan Of An Addition

Ybor Heights

Ybor Village Lofts A Condomini

Yorkshire Sub

Young & Douglas Add To

Zeebas Rep

Zerfaces Re Sub

Zion Heights

Zion Heights Add


Zzz | Unplatted

Zzz- Unplatted

Zzz-Non Subdivision


Zzz1 Unplatted

| Waterset Phase 5a-1


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Jan. 19, 2020

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Tampa Real Estate - Tampa FL Homes For Sale | Tampa Home Searcher

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Since you've searched on my site, it probably means you are about to jump into the shark infested waters of Tampa Bay area real estate where, no offense, you'll be going up against guys like me - guys who sought to be as educated as possible in order to better serve his clients.  Guys like me who are expert negotiators and can price a home SPOT ON.  Guys like me who can swing a deal in their client's favor.  guys like me who have become a student of the game, furthering their real estate knowledge and passing the very difficult Broker's test.

Are you ready to go head on, alone. against someone who is an expert and has dedicated their life to real estate or would you prefer to hire someone to counter that expertise with a higher level of expertise and experience to fight for your interests in a deal? - and yes, it is that important and it's not a scare tactic.  Real estate is tough and partnering with the wrong agent can cost you thousands.  

Going back to the kid question in the subject line, I asked because that is exactly how I feel with regard to protecting my client's interest.  I'll fight like you were family.  You've trusted me with a huge investment and have come to me for advice and my expertise and I do not take that responsibility lightly.  My job as your agent is to protect you and get you from Point A to Point B to successfully close the sale, leaving you happy.

Will you trust me to do this for you?

If so, and you are ready to go out looking, contact me and we will get the ball rolling.

What do you say?

- Phil Bernie

Broker Associate | Tampa REALTOR®

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Sept. 7, 2018


Costs to sell your home in Tampa using a real estate agent

The big question that has some homeowners cringe when they think about selling their home.  How much will it cost me to sell my home in the Tampa Bay area?

The Short Answer:  92% of Sold Price Less Mortgage Owed

On average, you will receive about 92% of the price the house sold for, including commissions, prorated taxes, stamp taxes on deed and other fees, LESS whatever you owe on your mortgage.

Quick example:

You sold your house for $300,000.  You owe $125,000 left on the mortgage.

$300,000 x .92 = $276,000.  $276,000 minus the mortgage ($125,000) = $151,000.  This is how much cash you would have at closing.

There are SO MANY variables that go into these numbers.  The example above is just a ballpark for you to get a rough idea of what it might cost.

Commission Fees

Commissions are a big chunk of the fees to sell a home.  Realtors in Tampa typically charge 6% commission to list and market your property.  That is what I charge and what most agents in the area charge.  That fee gets split between the buying side and the selling side (3% each) and then that 3% is typically split between the broker (Keller Williams in my case) and the agent (me). 

I won't go into too many details to justify our fees here but I will say that marketing a home to be sold for top dollar is exhausting, expensive and a TON of work.  I know I earn every bit of the portion of the 3% I get to list a home for sale.  It is a fact that despite the fees real estate agents charge, on average, we help get your home sold more quickly and for a higher price than you would sell it for on your own, financially justifying the expense of using an agent.  In my case, I am a marketing expert as well as a real estate expert.  These are just some of the skills you pay me to use to help market and sell your home and represent you throughout the transaction.  Selling a home is a tough process and hiring a good agent can make something that is normally very difficult to do on your own and make it easy and pleasant.  If you would like to discuss selling your home, feel free to contact me.  I'll take a look at your home and put a value on what I think it is worth on today's market.


You'll pay for what you use.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Taxes of course can vary widely depending on which county you buy in and how large of a home you buy.  Here are some very rough example I pulled from the MLS to give you an idea of how much taxes cost per year.  Keep in mind as a seller, you will be responsible for the amount of taxes you use.  If you've lived in the home all year and it's now November 1 and you don't pay your taxes until December, you are going to owe the new buyer of your home those taxes you've used for the year from January through November when the home is sold.  If you pre-paid the year's taxes, the buyer will owe you the part they will use from November through December.


$200,000 Home. 1300 - 1600 square feet.  3 beds, 2 baths.

You'll typically pay between $800 and $2,600 per year in taxes, with $1,000 per year being about average.

$275,000 Home.  1600 - 2100 square feet.  3 beds, 2 baths.

You'll typically pay between $1,600 and $3,500 per year in taxes, with $2,600 per year being about average.

$335,000 Home.  2100 - 2600 square feet.  4 beds, 2 baths.

You'll typically pay between $2,100 and $5,500 per year in taxes, with $2,900 per year being about average.

Note that these few samples were random homes I pulled from the MLS.  The range varies widely so check with your agent when buying a new home.

The Seller's Net Sheet

Your agent, a mortgage company or a title company can provide you with a much more accurate settlement value to give you a better idea of how much cash you would actually end up with, if any, after selling your home using a Realtor.

Seller's Net Sheet Sample

In our area, the SELLER typically pays for the Owner's Title Policy.  On an expensive home, this could be a fairly large number you'll need to consider.  The Seller's Policy is also negotiable as to who pays it.  There's a checkbox on the standard offer contract and who pays for the title policy is part of the offer.

Again, its customarily a seller expense but it can also be used as a bargaining chip during negotiations.  If you have an offer you are contemplating but its on the lower side of your comfort level, ask the buyer to pay this expense.  It might mean the difference between being able to accept the offer or not. 

Real estate agent commissions are also negotiable (sort of).  Well they are, but do you negotiate your salary with your boss each paycheck?  I work for 3% as a Seller's Agent.  I'm worth it.  I earn it.  I will rarely negotiate my pay.  Some agents might regularly negotiate away their commissions in order to persuade you to list with them.  Do you really want an agent selling your home who is so desperate to secure your business that he's willing to negotiate his pay away?  I personally don't offer a discounted level of service so I don't discount my fee.  Like anywhere, you get what you pay for.  I've got a lot of gray hair on my head that has earned every bit of the 3% I charge to market the heck out of your home.  The other 3% (6% total) goes to the buyer's agent - the agent that brings buyers to your home to hopefully make an offer.  Again, this is simple economics.  If you want real estate agents to make the effort to show your home, you've got to pay them.  Negotiate paying an agent on the buy side 1.5% instead of 3% and see how many showings you get through your home.  Yes, you may find someone who has a client who absolutely loves your home and will buy it but since the bulk of the sellers out there offer 3% to the agent's broker who finds a buyer, why would the buyer's agent bring his buyer to see your home?

I don't mean to sound condescending with all this talk about paying commissions.  I am trying to give it to you straight.  Yes, there are agents who will charge 2.75% on each side and do a wonderful job marketing your home.  Even 2.5% is fairly common.  Anything lower than 5% total (2.5% buy, 2.5% sell) and I believe the service will start to suffer. 

The bottom line is that a good agent should easily be able to justify his fee and even cover his fee by drawing so many eyes to your home it means the difference between selling it at the highest possible price or selling it lower than you could have without him, which could cost you a lot more money than commission fees in the end.

If you would like to list your home for sale, CONTACT ME - give me a call, text or email me and let's get a conversation started.  There's no obligation whatsoever and I'll try to provide you with as much free information as possible to start you on your home-selling journey.

- Phil Bernie

Broker Associate | Tampa REALTOR®

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Aug. 2, 2018


Are You Thinking About Relocating To Tampa Bay?

Tampa Bay relocation real estate agent specialist

If you are considering relocating to the Tampa Bay area there is no need to stress.  It's almost as easy as buying a home in your current neighborhood IF you have the right people to do the worrying for you.  That's my job!  ;-)

Lots and lots of people move to the Tampa Bay area from other places for a variety of reasons.  I too moved here from Buffalo, NY way back in 1999.  Take one guess why?  If your answer was BLIZZARDS, yes, you were correct.  I just got tired of the constant snow and freezing temps so I packed up and headed South until we hit Clearwater.

Fast forward a few decades later and I am still here and still loving the Tampa Bay area.  Now, as a licensed Realtor, I can help others who are planning their escape.

When you have a great real estate agent on your side, relocating to Tampa is not a difficult task.  Your real estate agent will take a lot of the stress off your shoulders.

Technology Makes Relocating To Tampa Easy!

Between FaceTime walk-throughs, text messaging, detailed photos online and videos, you can practically buy a home site unseen these days.  However, if you plan correctly and work closely with your Realtor, when you do fly in, you can make the best use of your time and really get things done so you are not flying back and forth a million times.  It truly is a lot easier than you might think but you need to be able to trust your Realtor to help you get through it all.

You handle your business on your side - the mortgage, getting pre-approved, calling reputable movers to get estimates hopefully with rate caps, packing, wrapping up your affairs locally.

A Bit About Moving Long Distances

Before you hire a long distance moving company, do a TON of research and make sure you get the maximum price not to exceed written into your contract!! 

If you don't, the moving company could hold all your stuff hostage if they gave you a low estimate but the truck weighed a lot more when it got on the scales - and it happens all the time.  Be cautious and do research and google everything you can about the company you are going to hire before signing any contracts.

Some movers will give you an estimate based on a binding price, also called a guaranteed price or firm price.  In this case the price is as the contract states.  It shouldn't be higher and won't be lower.  The nice thing about this is that you'll know in advance how much you'll pay.  The bad thing is that if they over-estimated how much stuff you have when they gave you the price, you'll still pay that rate when you could have gotten it less expensive.  It covers everything in the estimate so you won't be able to add stuff to the move after the estimate without being charged for it.  You need to read your moving contract VERY carefully before signing.  Getting jammed up on a long distance move can turn something that would otherwise be a great experience into a nightmare really quickly.

The moving company may also quote you a "guaranteed not to exceed" price.  This price caps the most you'll pay in case the estimated less weight than it actually was but if they estimated more weight than you actually packed onto the truck, you'll pay the lower price.  The moving truck stops at a weigh station and physically gets weighed.  That's how they know how much stuff you've included in the move and that's typically how they charge you - by how much weight they estimate you have going on the truck.  Im not a mover but Im pretty sure they account for volume too.  You can't pack the truck with packing peanuts that weighs 30 pounds and expect not to pay a lot of money for the volume it takes up. 

Non-binding contracts are based on the weight.  The initial estimate can be way off and you'll pay for the amount of weight you put on the truck.  Sometimes this could lead to a surprise when it comes time to deliver your things and the driver hits you with a big bill because what they estimated and what it actually weighed were two different things.

Buyer beware!  Do your research, read reviews, google "long distance moving nightmares" and the sort before you sign on the dotted line and most importantly READ YOUR CONTRACT before signing!

Search For Homes Online And Narrow Your Search

Your Tampa real estate agent will probably set you up with an MLS auto-search well before you plan on moving.  This will help you a lot as you will get a good feel for the local market where you are moving.  It will also help you start narrowing your criteria which is also important.  As you research the different parts of Tampa Bay and find an area that suits you best, you'll not only start learning the local hot spots and things to do in the process, you'll start getting comfortable with your decision to relocate.  You'll start to feel more and more comfortable about the move the more you learn about where you are moving to.

I can't stress enough how important a good, patient, mature, smart real estate agent is to have on your side when you are considering relocating to Tampa, Florida.  I think I meet most, if not all of that criteria and would be happy to help you on this exciting journey.  Feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have any questions.  I would be happy to be your "eyes on the ground" here in Tampa.  I'll make the move as easy on you as possible and I'd like to think you can really trust my decision making skills and ability to put you in the perfect place for you and your family.

I look forward to working with you

- Phil Bernie

Broker Associate | Tampa REALTOR®

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July 25, 2018


The Realtor you hire DOES matter.  I know from speaking with clients most new clients think a Realtor unlocks doors and shows houses and other tasks that seem pretty fundamental.  We do that too of course but so much more.

A good Realtor is one who thinks well.  One who knows how to analyze a deal, read body language, thinks quickly on his or her feet, can multi-task and understand the market very well.  He or she needs real world experience in making deals.  Ultimately, we are paid negotiators.  We do the other things you all know about too but the most important part – the part that is often overlooked by clients is what goes on behind the scenes – the stuff I do for hours into the night, researching, structuring deals, finding the perfect property for clients.  That’s the important stuff.

A lot of it starts with a good, sharp mind.  You want someone on your team who can focus with pinpoint accuracy and pull from vast experience and a high intellect to work the deal in your favor.

The differences between Realtors becomes pretty apparent when its time to negotiate.  I’ve been up against some tough negotiators and some of the toughest seem to be the oldest and most experienced.  I’m not saying younger Realtors won’t possess these skills too – they can, but in my experience the older, wiser agents really understand how to fight for what their client needs.

I’m 48 years old.  Single custodial father of two boys, ages 11 and 15.  In my past life, I’ve successfully gone to battle with QVC (I had my products on QVC TV shopping channel), Walmart, Home Depot and more.  I did battle with some of the best in the business and won.  Harvard MBA’s.  Brilliant people.  I hashed it out and found success.  Now I do it for my clients and instead of physical products, I am doing it for homes.  You can read more about me HERE.

If you need a Tampa Real Estate Agent, make sure they've got experience negotiating deals.

Above, my camping mat products in a popular sporting goods catalog and on TV through QVC television shopping channel.  This was my former life but I use that same experience to work for my clients.  Getting product into these mediums is NOT an easy thing to do and neither is buying or selling homes.  Both require very strong negotiation skills.  You need someone who knows what they are doing to represent you.

Let me help you buy or sell your next home.  I can’t guarantee a particular price you’ll pay or receive, but I can guarantee that the person I go against at the negotiation table will not have an easy time taking your money.

Put my Mensa-level IQ and vast business experience on your side and let me find, buy, sell and negotiate your next real estate deal.

I look forward to working with you!

- Phil Bernie

Broker Associate | Tampa REALTOR®

Contact Phil Bernie, Broker Associate, today.

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